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Customize VS Code Settings (Overview)

Visual Studio Code, is an open-source code editor available on all platforms. It’s also a great platform for Python development. The default settings in VS Code present a somewhat cluttered environment.

This Code Conversation with instructor Philipp Acsany is about learning how to customize the settings within the interface of VS Code. Having a clean digital workspace is an important part of your work life. Removing distractions and making code more readable can increase productivity and even help you spot bugs.

In this Code Conversation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Work With User Settings
  • Create a VS Code Profile
  • Find and Adjust Specific Settings
  • Clean Up the VS Code User Interface
  • Export Your Profile to Re-use Across Installations

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00:00 Welcome to another Real Python code conversation. I’m Philipp, and today I want to show you how you can customize your Visual Studio Code settings to make it go from a basic lettered look to a clean, nice, presentable look that is not only very clean and tidy to work in, but also gives you a nice user interface if you want to share the screen via Zoom session or if you’re even doing some video recordings like I’m doing right now, and you just want to show your viewers what’s really important on the screen.

00:32 So in the next lessons, I will show you how you can create and export a Visual Studio Code profile, how you can work with user settings, how you can find and adjust your settings, and then how to clean up the VS Code user interface with these settings.

00:47 This code conversation is perfect for you if you have downloaded VS Code at some point and you never really changed it. So in this video course, you will find inspiration on how to adjust your settings to make it look a little bit nicer.

01:01 If you are using another code editor besides VS Code, then this course might not be right up your alley, but still, hey, there might be some inspiration for you that you can translate into your own code editor or maybe there are some convincing arguments to try VS Code out because there is nothing against switching code editors here and there.

01:21 And last but not least, if you have no idea what VS Code is, VS Code is a code editor that you can write Python code or any other code in. So maybe you have experience with Python’s IDLE editor then VS Code could be an upgrade to this editor.

01:38 If you’re curious, just look at realpython.com for some tutorials on VS Code, or you can skip to the last lesson of this video course where I show some additional resources.

01:48 So navigate this course at your own comfort and I will see you in the next lesson where I show you how to set up a user profile in VS Code.

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