Your Shortcut to a Professional Python Development Setup: A Coherent & Tested Step-by-Step Course

Why is it so hard to find good and clear instructions on how to make Sublime more Python friendly?

So many times I’ve followed an online tutorial on how to set up Sublime Text and optimize my development workflow—only to get disappointed again.

Random blog posts rarely showed me how all the pieces fit together. And I found it difficult to get to a solid foundation for writing Python in Sublime Text:

Most Sublime Text setup guides I looked at were outdated, difficult to follow—or just plain wrong

Still, with patience I’d slowly managed to piece together an effective Python development setup over years of trial and error.

Until that fateful day, when I needed to switch operating systems to work on-site with a new client…and I had to re-build my whole Python development setup from scratch.

When I tried setting up Sublime Text, Python, and Git from scratch, on a brand new Windows 10 install…

Well, long story short: It was incredibly frustrating!

(And it isn’t even Windows’s fault…just try the same on macOS or Linux.)

Strange “wrong path” errors, code linting was unreliable and slowed down my whole editor to a molasses-like crawl.

Auto-completion for Python code was useless, with confusing suggestions that often didn’t match up with the code I had in front of me.

Configuring Git to let me use Sublime to write my commit messages took a full afternoon…

I was shocked, to be honest!

Because I’m a Python programmer
and I love Sublime Text:

There’s a certain nimbleness and agility about Sublime that I couldn’t find in any other editing environment I tried.

I truly believe Sublime Text offers the best combination of performance, stability, and ergonomics you can get today.

With the right tuning it looks very attractive, too.

For me, it is the central tool in my development workflow.

But it’s also agonizing to set up:

It takes painstaking work to get to a good setup for writing Python—

And I want every Python developer to be able to enjoy the best development environment possible.

Sure, the defaults are okay but you’re really missing out on the biggest benefits Sublime has to offer, like:

  • Writing more Pythonic code with real-time code linting feedback
  • Never having to hunt down docs again with Python code-completion
  • Effortless auto-formatting to prettify your Python code and make it PEP 8 compliant
  • Custom fonts and color schemes to reduce eye strain
  • Smooth team collaboration with integrated source control (Git)
  • Advanced command-line productivity techniques

Unfortunately, setting up these helpful & time-saving features isn’t exactly “trivial”:

There many guides out there on the internet on how to set up SublimeText, but they all have their shortcomings.

And not a single one of them starts 100% from scratch with a blank operating system install.

No wonder it’s so difficult for Python developers to start their development environment with a solid foundation of tools that are working together:

Randomly slamming in plugins and tweaks picked up from blog posts rarely works—

In short, this situation sucks. And I finally understood the need for a detailed and easy to follow guide.

So, for the last couple of months, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into something that can make your life as a Python developer much better—

A detailed, step-by-step course for Python development with Sublime Text:

Sublime Python:
The Complete Guide to Sublime Text for Python Developers

Sublime Python starts completely from scratch, with a fresh OS install.

You’ll discover all the tricks and tweaks I’ve picked up in the last 3+ years of using Sublime as a Python developer and dev team lead.

Get a state-of-the-art Sublime Text setup for writing Python that will be an absolute joy to use.

Go from nothing (or: “jumbled mess”) to fine-tuned and lightweight Python IDE in just 1 hour—

Instead of wasting the 40+ hours required if you had to painstakingly hunt down every plugin and setting separately.

Sublime Python is the quickest way to benefit from someone else’s years of experience with writing Python in Sublime Text:

It’ll simply leapfrog you to an advanced development setup.

And even if you don’t need to or don’t want to start from scratch, this course will help you unlock the secrets of Python development with Sublime.

Discover how to make Sublime Text your own—
to really make it work for you:

Check out the rest of the page to learn how Sublime Python will help you get your programming environment just perfect.

So you can focus 100% on writing awesome code (and enjoy it, too).

— Dan Bader

What This Course Will Do for You:

Sublime Python is a step-by-step course for Python developers. You’ll learn how to set up a smooth and professional Python development environment on all of the major platforms (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

These are some of the benefits that you’ll get from the course:

  • Make your Python development environment fun again. Simplicity is key. Work with a lightweight Python setup that doesn’t get in your way—a nimble set of tools that each do one thing only and do it well.
  • Optimize your Python workflow for maximum productivity and become a better and more effective developer. Set up a great development environment once and it will keep paying dividends every day. (Bonus side-effect: Your coworkers will be impressed.)
  • Turn Sublime Text into a silky smooth and distraction-free editing environment you’ll enjoy using every day. Custom fonts, color schemes, and fine-tuned text rendering settings will make your editing environment look beautiful (and a joy to use).
  • Take the shortcut to a professional Python setup by following one coherent and tested set of instructions. Don’t waste your time hunting down each plugin, install step, and configuration separately across hundreds of forum posts and websites. I already did that work for you—use the best Sublime Text packages and settings for Python right away.

Here's What You Get:

Sublime Python consists of two core modules and several bonuses that show you how to optimize the key aspects of your Python development setup.

You’ll discover the practical, step-by-step actions to quickly and confidently set up a productive Python development environment from the ground up. Increase your productivity with easy to to follow steps and make programming Python even more enjoyable.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s included in the complete course:

A Step-by-Step Video Course on Perfecting Your Python Development Setup

This major component in Sublime Python consists of 21 detailed video lessons.

You'll see step-by-step how to configure a rock-solid Python development environment on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

These video lessons are your complete package for setting up a fast and efficient Python development environment, starting absolutely from scratch (but of course you're free to skip ahead if you like).

Screenshots and clear visual instructions make even the most complicated setup steps a breeze.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each lesson:

  • Lesson 01: Course Introduction and Overview – An overview for the course and a few motivating examples to show you the results you’ll achieve with the course.
  • Lesson 02: Installing Sublime Text – We’ll install the Sublime Text code editor from scratch on a fresh operating system install (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux). You’ll learn how to enhance your editing environment with custom functionality using plugins.
  • Lesson 03: Setting up Python – This lesson will send your Python productivity through the roof. We’ll first install the Python interpreter and development tools on your system. Next, you’ll learn how to get real-time quality and code-style feedback on your code right as you type it into the editor. After that you’ll learn how to set up and use auto-completion (code completion) for Python, as well as automatic code formatting and advanced code browsing features.
  • Lesson 04: Setting up Git – You’ll learn how to install the Git source control system from scratch and how to integrate it with your editor setup. At the end of the lesson you’ll have an easy to use and lightweight Git setup that will make it easy for you to manage your Python code and to collaborate with others through Git.
  • Lesson 05: Custom Look and Feel – After this lesson you’ll feel right at home in your code editor. To start you’ll learn how to install a custom editor font and how to improve Sublime’s font rendering for improved productivity. After that you’ll discover how to use custom color themes and custom syntax highlighting color schemes to further improve readability.
  • Lesson 06: PEP 8 Python with Sublime – In this lesson you’ll learn how to write beautiful and clean PEP 8 compliant Python with Sublime Text. PEP 8 is the most widely used Python code style guide and the skills you’ll learn here will be useful for the rest of your Python programming career.
  • Lesson 07: Extra Productivity Tweaks – I’ll show you a few more productivity tweaks that I picked up over the years of programming Python with this exact development setup.

All 21 videos come at a full 1080p HD resolution with crisp and legible text for you to enjoy.

  • 7 Video Lessons for Windows
  • 7 Video Lessons for macOS
  • 7 Video Lessons for Linux

You can watch the first lesson for Windows below (note that the full course includes 7 videos each for Windows, Mac, and Linux):

Value: 3 x $49 = $147

Besides the core video course, you’ll also get:

Your In-Depth Sublime + Python Setup Guide

You'll get the Windows, macOS, and Linux of edition my book The Complete Guide to Setting up Sublime Text for Python Developers. The videos and the guide go hand in hand so you can perfect your personalized Python development environment.

The guidebook contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get a productive and enjoyable Python development setup with Sublime Text.

Screenshots and clear visual instructions make even the most complicated setup steps a breeze.

If you're curious what the guidebook looks like, here are two example pages. The books are optimized for reading on tablets and computers and include screenshots, as well as step-by-step instructions:

Sublime Python Guidebook Sample Chapter

In total you’ll get over 240 pages of instruction delivered as DRM-free PDFs, chock full of goodness and Sublime Text tips. The guidebooks are optimized for reading on tablets and computers. These books previously sold for $29 each.

  • “Setting up Sublime Text for Python Developers” – Windows Edition
  • “Setting up Sublime Text for Python Developers” – Mac Edition
  • “Setting up Sublime Text for Python Developers” – Linux Edition

Value: 3 x $29 = $87

Those are the contents of the core course.

And I’m not stopping there…

To help you deepen your mastery of Sublime Text for Python development, I have put together several additional bonuses that perfectly complement this course.

Sublime Python is your “all-inclusive” solution for learning how to set up a modern and efficient Python development environment.

Take advantage of these additional bonuses included with the course to speed up your learning progress:

Bonus #1 — The Best Programming Fonts for Python (Workbook & Screencast)

This screencast demonstrates some of the best programming fonts for writing Python. In the video you'll get demos for different styles of fonts you can use in your own setup.

You'll get a preview and a short review of each font, so you don't have to waste time and clutter up your own environment by downloading and installing the fonts yourself.

This bonus video also comes with a PDF worksheet listing all fonts in the video, their characteristics, and download links for them. You'll be able to pick out the fonts you'll enjoy and get up and running in no time.

  • 1080p HD video lesson
  • DRM-free PDF booklet

Value: $10

Bonus #2 — Ready-Made Sublime Text Preferences Files

The course includes a .zip file with Sublime Text preferences files for each platform (Windows/Mac/Linux).

Save time and simply copy and paste what you need in your own setup.

That's 3 .zip files in total with over 20 .sublime-settings files, drop-in ready to improve your Python development environment.

  • Sublime Text preferences files for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Value: $7

Bonus #3 — The Best Sublime Text Themes for Python (Workbook & Screencast)

In this video you'll get several demos of the prettiest Sublime Text color themes and color schemes.

That way you can see a quick preview of different styles of themes and their settings while keeping your own Sublime Text install nice and clean.

If you like a color scheme and theme combo you can find the download links in the included PDF worksheet. This will save you from the trial and error that's usually involved in optimizing your code editor's look and feel.

  • 1080p HD video lesson
  • DRM-free PDF booklet

Value: $14

That’s it for the bonus content included with the full course.

You May Be Wondering,
How Much Will All This Cost?

All together, this package is valued at $265.

And to be honest, I think it’s worth even more than that.

This course is based on more than 3 years of writing Python with Sublime Text and more than 15 years of experience in software development.

You’ll be able to leapfrog your skills and productivity as a Python developer in a day to what took me several years to figure out by trial and error.

Of course my goal here is to help as many Python developers as possible.

That’s why I’m pricing the course at a fair

This offer is for the complete course, including all bonuses.

To put that in perspective, that’s less than what you might pay for a decent keyboard.

As an investment in yourself and your productivity as a developer it will pay off many times over.

Because, as a software developer you have a rare gift: The skills you have are valuable and highly sought after.

And with the skills and productivity improvements you’ll learn in this course (for less than the cost of a nice mouse), you can apply some leverage to those skills… and achieve amazing results.

Now before we go on, let’s recap:

The Quickest Way to a Productive Python Setup with Sublime Text

Here's What's "In The Box":

Purchase Includes:

  • 272 minutes of detailed Python + Sublime Text setup instructions in 21 HD-quality video lessons covering Windows, macOS, and Linux ($147)
  • DRM-free PDF guidebooks "Sublime Text for Python Developers" for Windows, macOS, and Linux ($87)
  • 20 ready-made Sublime Text preferences files for Windows, macOS, and Linux ($7)
  • Bonus screencast and PDF Workbook: "The Best Programming Fonts for Python" ($10)
  • Bonus screencast and PDF Workbook: "The Best Sublime Text Themes for Python" ($14)

    Sublime Python: The Complete Guide to Sublime Text for Python Developers

     $265  $59

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    What Python Developers Are Saying:

    “You will be more productive”

    “Be it git integration, checking my code for coding guidelines compliance, tweaking sublime settings, I see a productivity gain in my day to day programming.

    If you are someone who codes in Python with elementary skills get this course. You will be more productive.

    Ankur Gupta Curator at ImportPython

    “Would have saved me hours of trial and error”

    “A really useful course for the Python developer who wants to get productive quickly with a new SublimeText install.

    I’ve been using SublimeText for a while, and had figured out the hard way how to set it up with the right collection of add-ons for Python productivity. I wish I’d had this course then, it would have saved me hours of trial and error.

    Rachel Willmer Founder at Luzme

    “It only took me 30 minutes to start developing my first piece of Python code in Sublime Text, with full-blown autocompletion and code linting.”

    “I have been an occasional Sublime Text user for several years but never became familiar enough with it to be productive… I can be pretty impatient when it comes to new software.

    That’s why Dan’s course is great for me: it gets right to the point, is easy to cross-read, and you can simply skip lessons. It only took me 30 minutes to start developing my first piece of Python code in Sublime Text, with full-blown autocompletion and code linting.

    Johannes Probst VP Simulation Engineering at SimScale

    Sublime Python: The Complete Guide to Sublime Text for Python Developers

     $265  $59

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    “A very clear and approachable tutorial on how to setup Sublime”

    “I liked that the course went through the entire setup process from start to finish.

    The settings are extremely helpful for Python development, e.g. markers for line length, git integration, flake8 highlighting.

    It is a very clear and approachable tutorial on how to setup Sublime.”

    Joe Bathelt Cognitive Neuroscientist

    “A handy, well documented, tried & tested ‘Recipe-style Guide’ for setting up ST3 for Python development”

    “A handy, well documented, tried & tested ‘Recipe-style Guide’ for setting up ST3 for Python development. And your instructions have worked out very well for me.

    What specific feature did you like the most about this guide? The level of detail; Software Developers are nothing if not Detail Oriented!

    What would be two other benefits about this guide? Introducing new users to ST3 and new Python developers. I fall squarely in both camps as someone who is currently learning Python for ML and Data Science, and I eventually gravitated towards ST3 instead of PyCharm.

    Would you recommend this guide? YES - absolutely! For the following reasons:

    1) It’s very important for a SW Developer to have a functional, working Dev Environment setup as it greatly impacts his/her Productivity.

    2) This guide is very well-designed.”

    Salman Ahmed Software Engineering Manager

    “Makes setting up sublime for a newbie extremely easy”

    “Thought it might be like all the other how-to guides that don’t quite guide a beginner all the way through. But it makes setting up sublime for a newbie extremely easy.

    The guide helps you get a fully working development environment almost like an IDE easily, especially if you are a newbie and the added bonus of finding some settings that quite frankly I had not bothered with before.”

    – Isaac Dadzie, Python Developer

    “Great job! Extremely easy to start from ground up.”

    “May be part on installation of Sublime is a bit too long. But I guess it would be extremely helpful for beginners. Very helpful, no regrets on buying it. Plugin choice is great, good explanation how to install & configure those. Would recommend it to junior colleagues, especially those who look for a switch of text editor. Overall, great job! Extremely easy to start from ground up.

    – Taras, DevOps Engineer

    “So many times I’ve followed an online tutorial but they haven’t shown how it all fits together.”

    “Nice summary of installing ST3, Python3 & Git on a Mac (which I’m fairly new to). Showing how all the ST3 settings work together. So many times I’ve followed an online tutorial but they haven’t shown how it all fits together. Great examples of useful addons & settings. A great tutorial guide. Especially for a newcomer to MacOS like me. Great quality.

    – Anthony, Electronics System Engineer

    1 Year “Try It Yourself”
    Guarantee—Become A More Effective Python Coder
    Or You Pay NOTHING

    The last thing I want is for you to pass on this course because you’re not sure it’ll work for you. I know it will so here’s my offer to you:

    Put me to the test. Take Sublime Python: The Complete Guide to Sublime Text for Python Developers for a spin today.

    Spend just an hour with the video course today while I help you tune your Python development environment.

    Then take up to a full year to use your newfound productivity.

    And if for some reason you don’t agree that I’ve given you a more effective and productive way to write Python programs with Sublime Text, I will either:

    1) Jump on Skype with you for 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching to help you get everything set up perfectly. My usual rate for 1-on-1 coaching is $250 an hour, so this is a risk for me. But I want you to succeed with this course.

    2) Or, if you prefer, I’ll cheerfully refund your money in full. No questions, no hassles, any time within the next year. You can even keep the bonuses just for giving the course a try.

    Either way, all the risk is on me.

    — Dan Bader


    I’m already using Sublime Text to write Python. Is this course right for me?

    Great, you’re going to get even more out of this course than somebody who’s just getting started. Here, let me explain: You’ve already been down this road. You *know* what all the pain points are. And you know what all of the holes are in your workflow…

    So what you’re going to get out of this course is filling in those gaps. Because of your prior experience you’ll be able to go through the course quickly and you’ll be using it to “spot check” your workflow and fill in the holes.

    Rather than having to start from scratch and learning all this brand new stuff (and potentially being overwhelmed by all of it) you’ll just be filling in those blank spots in your workflow. And that’s going to be faster and easier. Basically, you’ll end up further ahead than somebody who’s starting from scratch.

    Do I need to start from a clean OS install to take this course?

    Short answer: No.

    You can mix and match and continue to build on your existing setup.

    The course is structured such that it shows you how to install everything from a completely blank slate and “clean OS install”, but you can also skip these parts and to simply start with improving your existing Sublime Text setup.

    In some cases I would recommend backing up the existing ST settings and then restarting those from a clean slate, but by no means are you required to wipe your OS install for this course to help you.

    Is the course specifically made for Python developers?

    Yes. The whole course is specifically aimed at setting up a great development environment for Python. I’d estimate that about 30-50% of the tips apply to other languages as well (for example, how to make your Sublime Text look more attractive) but it really is a guide that specifically addresses the needs of Python developers.

    Wow, I looked at the package and there’s several hours of video in here. That seems like a lot of work. How am I gonna get this setup in an afternoon?

    If you add up the video lessons across all three platforms, there’s around 280 minutes of video.

    However, there’s two ways you can go through this course:

    You can “fast track” it in an hour or less by skimming through the the PDF guide, installing all the tools and plugins, and then copy & pasting the settings. This gets you to an effective Sublime Text setup for Python development very quickly.

    Or, you can step your way through the course by watching all the videos for your platform in sequence (around 90 minutes). It’ll take a little longer, but you’re going to get so much out of it—You’ll be setting up your environment from scratch and you’ll see exactly how and why I add each setting and plugin to the mix. So you know exactly what’s going on and you know what you can tweak and modify to personalize your setup.

    How do I know this course works for me? Is there a guarantee?

    I’ve “road tested” and improved this course for more than 5 months. At this point hundreds of developers have gone through it from start to finish.

    Here’s what a few of them had to say:

    “So many times I’ve followed an online tutorial but they haven’t shown how it all fits together. Great examples of useful addons & settings. A great tutorial guide. Especially for a newcomer to MacOS like me. Great quality.”

    — Anthony F.

    “Thought it might be like all the other how-to guides that don’t quite guide a beginner all the way through. But Sublime Python makes setting up sublime for a newbie extremely easy. The guide helps you get a fully working development environment almost like an IDE easily, especially if you are a newbie and the added bonus of finding some settings that quite frankly I had not bothered with before.”

    — Isaac Dadzie

    The course comes with a full ONE YEAR guarantee, so if you’re still on the fence you can try it with no risk.

    Do I get lifetime access or is there a monthly fee to access the course?

    It’s a one-time payment for the whole course. As soon as you buy the course you’ll get instant access where watch and read all of the content and consume it however you like, for how long you want.

    I’m interested in this course, but the price seems high.

    (Not really a question, but that’s okay.)

    I hear you.

    I love a frugal mindset and when it comes to parting with my hard-earned cash, I’m about as cheap as they come.

    When I’m agonizing over a decision like this, I’ll often ask myself this question:

    Is what I’m about to buy here an expense, something that simply takes money out of my pocket…

    Or is it an *investment*—a purchase that costs me money in the short term but earns me exponential returns in the months and years ahead?

    So is Sublime Python an expense, or an investment?

    Honestly, that’s up to you.

    If you end up buying the course and watch it for the entertainment value… Or if you get it today and then set it aside “for later”, then it’s probably an expense. And in that case I’d rather you DIDN’T buy it. Hang onto your money and put it toward something you’ll really benefit from.


    If you’re willing to take this course and incorporate the settings and plugins into your development setup… Then I guarantee you’re going to be happy with the return for your investment.

    Look at it this way:

    Investing in your editor setup will improve the quality of the code you write and prevent you from making “silly”, slip-of-the-mind type of errors. It will therefore increase your speed and productivity as a programmer.

    What’s a good developer make per hour? In the U.S., wages often range from $25 to $50 per hour. Where you live it might be more or less.

    But just for discussion, let’s say you make $15 an hour.

    If this course saves you an hour per week in otherwise lost productivity, that’s $780 worth of your time each year. You can use that time to relax, or reinvest it and get ahead in your development career, or spend it however else you’d like.

    The choice is yours. I know what I’d do.

    Can I get a team or company license?

    Team and company-wide licenses are available at a discount. Just send me a quick email at and I’ll send you a purchase link.

    Can I pay with PayPal?

    Yes, the payment provider I use (Paddle) supports PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit card payments. Just click the “Add to Cart” button and then on the little PayPal logo on the checkout page.

    I have another question!

    Great, I’d love to hear it! Just email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Sublime Python: The Complete Guide to Sublime Text for Python Developers

     $265  $59

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