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Train Well-Rounded Pythonistas

Your Team’s Roadmap to Clean & Pythonic Code

686 Tutorials + 3761 Video Lessons, and Counting

Team members get full access to our large (and growing) collection of Python tutorials and in-depth training materials. With new content published weekly, your team will always find something to boost their skills.

Practical, Real-World Python Skills

Our tutorials are created, curated, and vetted by a community of expert Pythonistas. At Real Python your developers and data scientists get the trusted resources they need on their path to Python mastery.

Access to Expert Pythonistas

Team accounts include access to our weekly Real Python “Office Hours” live Q&A calls where participants get their Python questions answered by an expert from the Real Python Team.

Our members-only Real Python Community Slack chat is available 24 hours to discuss coding and architecture questions, vote on upcoming tutorial topics, or get input from experienced Python developers.

Video Subtitles & Transcripts

Our video lessons come with full, hand-edited subtitles and searchable transcripts. This makes reviewing specific parts of a course or finding previously watched content easy and convenient.

Completion Certificates

For each completed course, team members receive a shareable (and printable) Certificate of Completion to celebrate their progress.

Interactive Quizzes & Learning Paths

Team members see where they stand and practice what they learn with interactive quizzes, hands-on coding challenges, and skills-focused learning paths.

Individualized Learning Progress

Team members can mark tutorials and courses as completed or in-progress and learn at their own comfortable pace. They can bookmark interesting resources and review them later to boost long-term retention.

No Ads

Read tutorials and watch classes without interruptions. With a Real Python Team Membership your team gets an ad-free and distaction-free experience.

Downloads & Bonus Resources

Unlimited, direct-download access to tutorial source code, cheat sheets, and other bonus resources.

Commercial use of our example code and sample projects in your own programs is permitted.

Regularly Updated

Keep everyone’s skills fresh and help them keep up with technology. We’re constantly releasing new members-only tutorials and update our content regularly.

Team Features

License Management, Team Analytics, and More

Easy License Management

Team administrators can add or remove team members, change their access permissions, and re-assign licenses with a convenient online interface.

Only Pay for Learners

Scale freely and keep your Real Python for Teams licenses productive with unlimited free team administrators. Use licenses to learn, not manage.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate a printable analytics report to view your team’s overall learning progress and a per-member breakdown of accessed content.

High Quality Tutorials

For Pythonistas, by Pythonistas

We are a community site focused on creating high-quality Python tutorials. All of our education materials are created, curated, and vetted by a team of expert Pythonistas with years of industry experience.

More than 3,000,000 readers visit us each month to level up their coding skills and master Python's best practices.

To make sure your team learns effectively, each tutorial goes through at least three rounds of editing and reviews before publication.

Meet the Real Python Tutorial Team:

…and 88 more!

What Python Devs Say About Us

A Trustworthy Resource for Any Skill Level

Our tutorials have been “battle-tested” by thousands of Pythonistas, data scientists, and developers working for companies big and small, such as Amazon, Red Hat, Google, and Microsoft:

Abhishek Nagekar Abhishek Nagekar

“Real Python has totally changed the way I look at paid content online. I’ve long held the notion that everything that one wishes to learn is freely available on the internet, but that was reminiscent of the time I was a university student (and as such, with a lot of time on my hand to find and filter quality resources).

Now that I work, and usually don’t have massive time stretches, I find that learning off a quality resource like Real Python is a worthy investment as opposed to curating a list manually after going through tonnes of blog posts and YouTube videos.

Appreciate it, keep up the high quality!”

— Abhishek Nagekar, Security Engineer at Mozilla

David Dansby David Dansby

“That’s the best thing about Real Python, the quality of the articles. You don’t find issues like you do on Medium or personal blog posts where you don’t have a team editing the tutorials. Real Python is the most professional Python tutorial site.”

— David Dansby, Data Engineer at Atlassian

Abigail Jones Abigail Jones

“While I came to Real Python with some coding experience and knowledge, I was able to bring a lot of that together with the tutorials and videos into a more cohesive skill set that just landed me a software engineering job after three years of little to no activity. Thank you so much!”

— Abigail Jones, M.Sc., Software Engineer

Faan DeSwardt Faan DeSwardt

“Joined over the Thanksgiving holidays to sharpen and refresh my Python-fu, but whoa, I was blown away about the über high quality content at with just the right balance of content vs video clip duration. I was hooked after a day and joined as a member the next day! Super stoked about finding this high quality Python community!”

— Faan DeSwardt, InfoSec SRE at Palo Alto Networks

Milan Nikolic Milan Nikolic

“I truly enjoyed the course and finally signed up for Real Python. It was a matter of time. Just couldn’t resist finishing this series. After checking out the site, I am extremely happy I made that decision. Thanks and all the best to you and everybody at Real Python!”

— Milan Nikolic, Software Developer

Jaya Zhané Jaya Zhané

“Real Python is helping me out so much in my internship. I work through a new tutorial probably every other day. I don’t know what I would have done without this site. Thank you so much for all your hard work, everyone! You truly are making a difference.”

— Jaya Zhané, Data Scientist

Philip Moose Philip Moose

“I am really enjoying Real Python. There is so much to learn and do, it’s just incredible! Plus, the tutorials really work as taught. This is very important to my learning and understanding, I can’t say ‘Thank You’ enough!”

— Philip Moose, Pythonista

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