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Course Summary

Real Python teaches Python and web development from the ground up, everything from the basic primitives to web scraping to data visualization and all things web development!

We start with the syntax - both 2.7 and 3.6 - to provide you with a solid base to stand on. Then, moving on to web development, you’ll learn database programming with SQL, web scraping, REST fundamentals, and much more before moving on to three powerful web frameworks: Flask, web2py, and Django. Finally, after you’ve developed a number of web apps, we move on to advanced web development where we teach software craftsmanship with Django. Essentially, you will learn best practices while building an enterprise-grade web app utilizing a number of tools like Bootstrap, Git, Heroku, Angular, Vagrant, Travis CI, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, to name a few.

Remember: We strive to teach these tools and concepts in a practical manner, where you solve interesting, real-world problems. Plus, since we start from the ground up, no prior programming experience is required.

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About the Authors

Fletcher Heisler

Fletcher is the CTO of Opportunity@Work in Washington, DC. He started teaching himself Python in college, and now web development is his full-time job!

Michael Herman

Michael is a freelance developer. Although he uses a number of tools, Python is by far his favorite. Besides Real Python, he is an active blogger and Python mentor.

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy has run his own consulting business for the past seven years, specializing in web development and software automation. He also mentors in his free time.

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  •  All three Real Python courses.

     1,300+ pages of content. (That’s less than 5 cents per page!)

     Exercises, sample files, and assignments.

     9+ hours of videos.

     PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats of the courses.

     All future updates and releases.

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The Course + Mentoring


  •  All three Real Python courses.

     1,300+ pages of content.

     Exercises, sample files, and assignments.

     9+ hours of videos.

     PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats of the courses.

     All future updates and releases.

     3 one-on-one mentoring sessions!

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