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Your Real Python membership includes access to “Office Hours” live Q&A sessions

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Join us live for the next members-only Q&A session with the Real Python Team!

You’ll meet fellow Pythonistas to chat about your learning progress, ask questions, and discuss Python tips & tricks via screen sharing.

Just click the “register” button on the office hours schedule below.

And in between meetings, come hang out with the hosts and fellow attendees in the #office-hours channel in our Slack community! You can use Slack to share code snippets you’d like to discuss during the live session. Check our Slack guide to learn how.

Current Office Hours sessions are not recorded anymore. Office Hours are currently one-time events where you can ask whatever you want in a safe space. What’s discussed won’t leave the current session, except that we can continue the discussion in the #office-hours Slack channel.

Upcoming Events

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When: Wednesday, July 31 from 9:00am–10:00am US Central (14:00–15:00 UTC)

Hosted by: Experts from the Real Python Team

Topic: Open Q&A

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Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Real Python is driven by our community. As such, it is vitally important that we foster an open, friendly, and welcoming environment.

Real Python members:

  • Are considerate: We’re considerate of our peers.
  • Are respectful: We’re respectful of others and their positions, skills, commitments, and efforts.
  • Show empathy towards others: We’re attentive in our communications and tactful when approaching differing views.
  • Gracefully accept constructive criticism: When we disagree, we are courteous in raising our issues.
  • Use welcoming and inclusive language: We’re accepting of all who wish to take part in our activities, fostering an environment where anyone can participate and everyone can make a difference.
  • Have Fun: If we aren’t having fun and enjoying each other’s company, then we’re doing it wrong!

As members of not only Real Python, but the broader Python Community, we’re committed to upholding the standards and guidelines of the Python Software Foundation’s Code of Conduct.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Office Hours is a weekly Zoom-based online hangout with experts from the Real Python Team, where you can get help and discuss your Python questions with us and other community members. Check out our Office Hours announcement post to learn more.

If you want to join, you can register at the link above to get a Zoom link.

Office Hours are available to all Real Python Members. Just click the button above under Upcoming Events where you can sign up for the next event.

As often as you want! We have several regulars that come every week!

No, you’re more than welcome to join even if you just want to listen and leave your camera and microphone turned off.

If you have a question you can ask it via Zoom’s text-based chat or post it in the #office-hours channel in the RP Community Slack.

Office Hours sessions are currently not recorded. We decided to stop recording to make Office Hours a safe space for all participants. What’s discussed won’t leave the current session, except that we can choose to continue a discussion in the #office-hours Slack channel.

Come and join us live to be there and participate! If you’re curious, there are some older recordings in the Office Hours Archive that you can check out to get an idea of what Office Hours sessions are like, but it’s even better to just drop by.

We’re a welcoming bunch and are looking forward to seeing you there :)