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Real Python's Office Hours: Learn With Python Experts in Real Time

by David Amos community

Learning to program can be challenging, especially if you’re learning in a void. Support from a community of fellow learners can be crucial to overcoming the valleys and plateaus you encounter on your journey to Python mastery.

That’s why we’re launching the Real Python Office Hours.

Office Hours is a weekly, video-based online hangout with experts from the Real Python team and other community members where you can get help and discuss your Python questions.

The Real Python Office Hours is the perfect place to:

  • Get help with Python-related questions
  • Meet other Pythonistas and share your learning progress
  • Learn about new and trending topics in the community
  • Get feedback and tips on your Python code and projects

Sound interesting? Here are some of the top reasons to join the Real Python Office Hours.

Get Answers From Python Experts in Real Time

When you learn to code from in-person classes, such as from a university or a boot camp, you benefit from live interactions with professors and fellow students. If you have a question, then you can raise your hand and get help on it almost immediately.

If you’re teaching yourself to code, then you don’t have easy access to this kind of live help. That’s where Office Hours comes in! Join us weekly to get your questions answered by Python experts:

Get your code reviewed, bring in a sample project for feedback, ask for help on an error you’ve seen—no question is too basic! Office Hours is a supportive environment that encourages Pythonistas of all levels to interact and help each other.

Learn in a Supportive Environment With Pythonistas of All Levels

Let’s face it: learning to code is hard. When you’re first starting, there’s tons of jargon to learn, concepts to understand, and hurdles to leap over. It can be overwhelming to face it all by yourself.

Office Hours provides a supportive space for you to ask questions and get advice from folks who know what you’re going through. Don’t have a technical problem but need help deciding where to go next? That’s a great topic to discuss at Office Hours.

Here’s what Real Python members are saying about Office Hours:

Real Python’s Office Hours provides me with more motivation to make progress by staying focused on being consistent in my Python journey.

— Avalea Lidzey

The Office Hours sessions are an excellent resource! David does a great job of answering questions and making the information accessible. My job doesn’t let me focus on programming, but I want to write some office automation tools. I use the Office Hours sessions help to boost my morale and keep my head in the game.

— Wade Curry

I’ll admit that at first I didn’t know what to expect, but once I joined the meeting everything was great. The host, David, made me feel welcome and accepted. I enjoyed listening to the participants and picked up some great tips. If you can participate in Real Python’s Office Hours, then I highly recommend you do so. You won’t regret it, I promise!

— Augusto Valdivia

Meet the Python Experts Behind Our Tutorials, Books, and Courses

About once a month, Office Hours hosts Real Python authors and video course instructors to come and discuss their latest articles and courses. They talk about the process of creating their content and answer questions from Real Python members.

You get access to subject matter experts as well as a peek behind the scenes of some of your favorite Real Python content. For example, Real Python team members Geir Arne Hjelle and Christopher Trudeau were on a recent call to answer questions about the Python 3.9 launch.

Make New Friends on Your Learning Journey

One of the best things about the university or boot camp experience is making lasting relationships with like-minded people. Those relationships bring personal fulfillment and lead to business and job opportunities in the future.

When you’re learning to code on your own, you miss out on these opportunities. Office Hours is a great way to meet fellow Pythonistas and start building those relationships.

In addition to our weekly video meeting, Real Python has an Office Hours Slack channel (#office-hours) in our members-only Slack community. You can continue conversations in Slack and interact with other participants throughout the week.

Take Your Python Skills to the Next Level

Office Hours gives you a chance to supercharge your Python learning!

In Office Hours you’ll get to:

  • Keep up with Python news and updates
  • Discover new Python modules and packages
  • See alternative solutions to problems
  • Learn more about what’s available on Real Python

We talk about everything from how to work with files to building machine learning pipelines. You’re bound to learn something new each week!

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