Real Python Sponsorship Opportunities#

Real Python Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

By sponsoring Real Python you will reach over 2 million Python developers per month who are dedicated to improving their craft and their professional careers.

We offer our clients multiple touchpoints across our platforms, ensuring your message cuts through to our audience:

Email Newsletter Sponsorships#

We run two weekly email newsletters that currently accept sponsorships:

The Real Python Newsletter: Our weekly email newsletter reaches the most loyal and engaged members of our audience of Python developers and data scientists.

  • Reaches over 244,000 developers per week
  • Average open rate: 27.2%
  • Average click rate: 2.1%
  • Exclusive newsletter sponsorships available weekly

PyCoder’s Weekly: PyCoder’s Weekly is one of the oldest and most established Python newsletters. As leading publication since 2012 it keeps the global Python community informed about the latest news, articles, and events.

  • Reaches over 90,000 developers per week
  • Average open rate: 45.1%
  • Average click rate: 9.1%
  • Newsletter sponsorships available weekly
  • Sponsors are permanently featured in our online issue archive

Website Display Ads#

We host three properties specifically catering to Python developers with a combined monthly reach of 2M users and 4.9M pageviews. We have monthly display ad packages available for clients.

  • One of the largest Python-focused websites, a well-known and trusted resource for Python tutorials and guides since 2012. (Traffic stats)

  • “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python” provides both novice and expert Python developers a best practice handbook to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python. (Traffic stats)

  • The premier Python job board for skilled developers.

  • Python tutorials by Dan Bader, author of the best-selling programming book “Python Tricks”. (Traffic stats)

Display ads are served via an in-house ethical ads platform that is not affected by ad blockers and EU GDPR compliant, further increasing the reach of your campaigns.

Job Posts#

Hire a world-class Python developer from our audience with a job post at Featured job posts are shared on our email newsletter and social media accounts to ensure your Python job ad will reach a wide audience of capable software engineers.

Social media posts are a great way to reach Python developers in real time strengthening your brand and online presence.

We have one of the most active and highly-engaged social media audiences in the Python development space.