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A weekly Python podcast hosted by Christopher Bailey with interviews, coding tips, and conversation with guests from the Python community.

The show covers a wide range of topics including Python programming best practices, career tips, and related software development topics.

Join us every Friday morning to hear what’s new in the world of Python programming and become a more effective Pythonista.

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Episode 11: Advice on Getting Started With Testing in Python

May 29, 2020 58m

Have you wanted to get started with testing in Python? Maybe you feel a little nervous about diving in deeper than just confirming your code runs. What are the tools needed and what would be the next steps to level up your Python testing? This week on the show we have Anthony Shaw to discuss his article on this subject. Anthony is a member of the Real Python team and has written several articles for the site.

Episode 10: Python Job Hunting in a Pandemic

May 22, 2020 1h 19m

Do you know someone in the Python community who recently was let go from their job due to the pandemic? What does the job landscape currently look like? What are skills and techniques that will help you in your job search? This week we have Kyle Stratis on the show to discuss how he is managing his job search after just being let go from his data engineering job. Kyle is a member of the Real Python team and has written several articles for the site.

Episode 9: Leveling Up Your Python Literacy and Finding Python Projects to Study

May 15, 2020 1h 16m

In your quest to become a better developer, how do you find Python code that is at your reading level? What are good code bases or projects to study? What are the things holding you back from leveling up your Python literacy? This week we have Cecil Phillip on the show to discuss all of these common questions. Cecil is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft.

Episode 8: Docker + Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

May 08, 2020 55m

Docker is a common tool for Python developers creating and deploying applications, but what do you need to know if you want to use Docker for data science and machine learning? What are the best practices if you want to start using containers for your scientific projects? This week we have Tania Allard on the show. She is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Microsoft focusing on Machine Learning, scientific computing, research and open source.

Episode 7: AsyncIO + Music, Origins of Black, and Managing Python Releases

May 01, 2020 1h 27m

Want to learn more about AsyncIO in Python, with an example where you can see and hear events being triggered in real-time? This week we have Łukasz Langa on the show. Łukasz has created a talk for PyCon 2020 online about using AsyncIO with Music.

Episode 6: Python REST APIs and The Well-Grounded Python Developer

Apr 24, 2020 54m

Are you interested in building REST APIs with Flask and SQLAlchemy? This week we have Doug Farrell on the show. We talk about his four-part Real Python article series on Python REST APIs.

Episode 5: Exploring CircuitPython

Apr 17, 2020 1h 3m

Have you ever wanted to explore using Python with electronics? CircuitPython is a great platform to get started with. This week we have Thea Flowers on the show. Thea has been creating several hardware projects based around CircuitPython, and she talks about getting started on the platform.

Episode 4: Learning Python Through Errors

Apr 10, 2020 1h 10m

Do you get upset and frustrated when you experience errors running your Python code? This week we have Martin Breuss on the show. We discuss how to learn Python *through* errors, and how errors really are your friends.

Episode 3: Effective Python and Python at Google Scale

Apr 03, 2020 42m

Have you been using Python for a while, but want to be more effective with your code? This week we have Brett Slatkin on the show. We talk about the 2nd edition of his book Effective Python.

Episode 2: Learn Python Skills While Creating Games

Mar 27, 2020 55m

Is game programming a good way to develop your Python programming skills? This week we have Jon Fincher on the show. Jon is an author on the Real Python team, and we talk about his recent articles on PyGame and Arcade.

Episode 1: Python Decorators and Writing for Real Python

Mar 20, 2020 50m

Do you want to learn more about Python decorators? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to create a Real Python article? In this first episode, We have Geir Arne Hjelle from the Real Python team on the show.

Episode 0: About the Show

Mar 06, 2020 2m

A weekly Python podcast hosted by Christopher Bailey with interviews, coding tips, and conversation with guests from the Python community.