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Episode 137: Start Using a Build System & Continuous Integration in Python

The Real Python Podcast

Dec 16, 2022 1h

What advantages can a build system provide for a Python developer? What new skills are required when working with a team of developers? This week on the show, Benjy Weinberger from Toolchain is here to discuss the Pants build system and getting started with continuous integration (CI).

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Benjy is one of the core developers of the Pants build system. He talks about the software tools and processes that a build system simplifies. We discuss how an individual developer can take advantage of continuous integration. We also cover some of the expectations when moving into professional software development.

Have you learned about or started to use tools like linters, code formatters, import sorters, type checkers, and packaging systems? A build system is designed to combine all of those tools into a simplified, one-step process to share your best code.

Benjy explains concepts like implementing fine-grained invalidation, moving to a monorepo, and using a build system for data science projects. He also shares his tips for getting started with Pants and finding help within the community.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:03:19 – Working on Pants
  • 00:05:24 – Background on Toolchain
  • 00:08:26 – Individual developer using CI
  • 00:11:04 – When did you start using these types of tools?
  • 00:14:30 – Was the organization open to the development of CI tools?
  • 00:15:45 – Having a foundation with Git
  • 00:17:11 – Moving toward workflows
  • 00:23:30 – Sponsor: InfluxDB
  • 00:24:20 – What’s fine-grained invalidation?
  • 00:29:32 – Setting up test coverage
  • 00:33:07 – Moving into packaging and deployment
  • 00:37:22 – Advantages of a monorepo
  • 00:42:10 – Video Course Spotlight
  • 00:43:36 – Reasons for deeper Python integration
  • 00:47:40 – Using the build system with data science projects
  • 00:52:21 – Getting started with Pants
  • 00:55:47 – What are you excited about in the world of Python?
  • 00:57:12 – What do you want to learn next?
  • 00:58:41 – How can people follow your work online?
  • 00:59:27 – Thanks and goodbye

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