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Episode 209: Python's Command-Line Utilities & Music Information Retrieval Tools

The Real Python Podcast

Jun 21, 2024 51m

What are the built-in Python modules that can work as useful command-line tools? How can these tools add more functionality to Windows machines? Christopher Trudeau is back on the show this week, bringing another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.

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Christopher shares an article by Trey Hunner about Python’s extensive collection of command-line utilities? The piece digs into general-purpose tools that format JSON data or start a simple web server and additional utilities for working with your Python code from the terminal.

We cover a set of Jupyter Notebooks for teaching and learning the art of music processing and Music Information Retrieval (MIR). The notebooks are resources for working through the textbook, “Fundamentals of Music Processing: Audio, Analysis, Algorithms, Applications.”

We also share several other articles and projects from the Python community, including a news roundup, a discussion of CRUD operations, a description of Python’s built-in bytes sequence, favorite essays on development and programming, Python resources for working with Excel, and a project for creating finite state machines in Python.

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  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:02:21 – Python 3.12.4 Released
  • 00:02:52 – Python 3.13.0 Beta 2 Released
  • 00:03:01 – PEP 712 Rejected
  • 00:04:18 – Django in Action - Mr. Trudeau’s Book has Launched!
  • 00:06:23 – What Are CRUD Operations?
  • 00:10:12 – Python’s Many Command-Line Utilities
  • 00:14:04 – Sponsor: APILayer
  • 00:14:55 – Notebooks for Fundamentals of Music Processing
  • 00:22:55 – bytes: The Lesser-Known Python Built-in Sequence
  • 00:26:57 – Video Course Spotlight
  • 00:28:34 – Essays on Programming I Think About a Lot
  • 00:41:28 – Python Resources for Working With Excel
  • 00:46:13 – Python Finite State Machines Made Easy
  • 00:50:10 – Thanks and goodbye


Show Links:

  • What Are CRUD Operations? – CRUD operations are the cornerstone of application functionality. Whether you access a database or interact with a REST API, you usually want to create, retrieve, update, and delete data. In this tutorial, you’ll explore how CRUD operations work in practice.
  • Python’s Many Command-Line Utilities – This article describes every command-line tool included with Python, each of which can be run with python -m module_name.
  • Notebooks for Fundamentals of Music Processing – This is a collection of Python Notebooks for teaching and learning the fundamentals of music processing. Examples include illustrations, sound samples, math, and more.
  • bytes: The Lesser-Known Python Built-in Sequence – The bytes data type looks a bit like a string, but it isn’t a string. This article explores it and also looks at the main Unicode encoding, UTF-8



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