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Episode 26: 5 Years Podcasting Python With Michael Kennedy: Growth, GIL, Async, and More

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Sep 11, 2020 1h 27m

Why is Python pulling in so many new programmers? Maybe some of that growth is from Python being a full-spectrum language. This week on the show we have Michael Kennedy, the host of the podcast “Talk Python to Me”. Michael reflects on five years of podcasting about Python, and many of the changes he has seen in the Python landscape.

We discuss several stories about the different ways Python is being used, and how that is drawing in many new programmers. Michael covers some potential Python stumbling blocks of Async, the Python Global Interpreter Lock (GIL), building desktop apps, and type checking. We also talk about how podcasts can act as a form of language immersion.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:01:34 – Changes in the Python landscape over the last 5 years
  • 00:08:09 – Changing the perspective from scripts to applications
  • 00:10:48 – Python as a full-spectrum language
  • 00:17:13 – What are the areas of growth for Python
  • 00:22:09 – Stories highlights from Talk Python
  • 00:27:48 – Stack Overflow Developer Surveys
  • 00:33:22 – Enterprise use and contributions to Python
  • 00:38:04 – Video Course Spotlight
  • 00:39:20 – A monk learns Python and OpenCV
  • 00:48:18 – Things that have been hard to do in Python
  • 00:52:07 – How is the GIL part of the problem?
  • 00:56:37 – Leave a review, it will help the show, Thanks!
  • 00:57:04 – More on Async in Python
  • 01:03:38 – Recent courses developed
  • 01:10:05 – Who listens to a Python podcast?
  • 01:13:06 – What are you excited about in the world of Python?
  • 01:17:46 – What do you want to learn next?
  • 01:23:17 – What is something you thought you knew about Python, but were wrong about it?
  • 01:26:58 – Thanks and goodbye

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