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Episode 94: Designing for Users and Building a Social Network With Django

The Real Python Podcast

Jan 21, 2022 58m

Are you looking for a project to practice your Django skills? Designing the fundamental interactions of a social network is an instructive way to explore models and relationships while learning advanced Django skills. This week on the show, we talk with previous guest Martin Breuss about his new four-part series, “Build a Social Network With Django”.

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Martin talks about the design process and ways to include user-focused features. He shares a handy CSS library to make your front end look modern with minimal effort.

We digress into a discussion of personal vs professional use of social networks. We also talk about the additional Real Python resources to help you build out the rest of your project.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:01:46 – Build a Social Network with Django series
  • 00:04:05 – Setting project scope and constraints
  • 00:09:09 – Why use Django for this project?
  • 00:12:23 – Learning through errors
  • 00:15:29 – Sponsor: Honeybadger
  • 00:16:14 – Models and relationships
  • 00:19:05 – Implementing a post-save hook
  • 00:23:17 – Django front end with the Bulma CSS framework
  • 00:28:42 – Templates and profile pages
  • 00:31:03 – Following, posts, and thoughts on user-centric features
  • 00:37:18 – Personal and professional use of social media
  • 00:48:03 – Setting up redirects
  • 00:49:08 – Video Course Spotlight
  • 00:50:19 – Additional Real Python resources for Django, including a Learning Path
  • 00:53:07 – What would you add if this were a portfolio project?
  • 00:54:14 – What are you excited about in the world of Python?
  • 00:56:36 – What do you want to learn next?
  • 00:57:54 – Thanks and goodbye

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