Hei Fellow Parsels! 👋🐍

As someone who learned programming primarily through online resources, I’ve got a good understanding of how important high quality learning material really is.

I have a background growing up as a double-teacher’s-kid, went on to study to be a teacher, then worked as a coding mentor, code reviewer, curriculum developer, and Python bootcamp instructor. Quality education and figuring out how to have fun while learning unfamiliar topics effectively has always been a big topic in my life. Real Python has been doing a great job in providing just that and I’m glad contribute to making it an even better online resource.


In my day job I’m creating online courses and teaching on-site bootcamps all over the world with CodingNomads. Which means I’m traveling, teaching, learning, and getting to know new places, new amazing people, and new surprising aspects of Python on a daily basis. How cool is that?! 😃

The Universal Tool

When you learn to program, you’re learning to productively use a universal tool. I’m convinced that programming is the literacy of the 21st century. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to become a full-time software developer at a large company to apply programming skills productively. Everything you’re interested in can be enhanced from knowing how to skillfully instruct your personal universal tool, and Python is a great language to get started with and keep going. You can see that I’m really into this programming and education thing. ;)

Keep Jogging!

I’m happy to help with thoughts and resources as well as encouragement. If you’re stuck, remember that everyone gets stuck and if you feel you don’t know much, keep in mind that most of us feel that way quite often. Go outside, take a walk, and keep up the good spirits! 🏔 It’s easier to stick with something for the long term when you’re finding enjoyment in what you do. Remember that learning anything new is more of a marathon than a sprint! 🎽

Tutorials by Martin: