About David Amos

Hello, I’m David. I like graph theory, combinatorics and network analysis. I’ve been known to do statistics from time to time. I work as a data scientist and Python developer for a wedding venue. Who knew that was a thing?

My journey as a developer began when I was in the fourth grade, where I wrote a BASIC program in computer class that disabled the keyboard and put the computer into an infinite loop of repeatedly printing some silly phrase I’ve now forgotten. I did this on the teacher’s computer while she had stepped out of the classroom for some reason. She wasn’t very amused.

Since then, I’d like to think my contributions have been more meaningful. I worked in scientific computing during college and grad school, mainly in the fields of mathematics and computational chemistry, and used a lot of C and Java. I also have three years of experience in automation and control of audio/visual/lighting systems with Lua, and am interested in digital signal processing.

When not geeking out, I am busy being a husband and a father and trying to deplete my Jack Russell Terrier’s infinite supply of energy.

Oh… and when I grow up, I want to be the science officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise! ๐Ÿ––

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