Python Basics: Numbers and Math

Bartosz Zaczyński
Bartosz Zaczyński 11 Lessons 48m basics python

You don’t need to be a math whiz to program well. The truth is, few programmers need to know more than basic algebra.

Of course, how much math you need to know depends on the application you’re working on. In general, the level of math required to be a programmer is lower than you might expect.

Although math and computer programming aren’t as correlated as some people might believe, numbers are an integral part of any programming language, and Python is no exception.

In this video course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create integers and floating-point numbers
  • Use arithmetic expressions, math functions, and number methods
  • Format and display numbers in strings
  • Create complex numbers

This video course is part of the Python Basics series, which accompanies Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3. You can also check out the other Python Basics courses.

Note that you’ll be using IDLE to interact with Python throughout this course. If you’re just getting started, then you might want to check out Python Basics: Setting Up Python before diving into this course.

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