“Python Basics:
A Practical Introduction to Python 3”

Is Now Available as a Paperback

Python Basics Book (Print Copy)
A photo of the final Python Basics test print (proof copy)

It’s finally here…

And we’re supper happy to announce the launch of the Python Basics paperback!

If you haven’t heard of Python Basics before, it’s our complete Python curriculum suitable for learners at the beginner and intermediate level:

It’s been a crazy/awesome couple of weeks to get this 635 page book ready for release.

Here’s an overview of the book by David Amos, Real Python Core Team member and main author of Python Basics:

In terms of content, the print edition is identical to the digital version available on the Real Python online store.

To get your print copy, click the button below:

Clicking the button should automatically redirect you to your local Amazon store. Or you can use the direct links below:

Here’s a photo from our book launch party with the RP editorial team:

Python Basics Launch Party
It’s finally live!

The feedback we received from the Real Python community was priceless—and we’re all extremely happy with how the final book turned out.

Thanks for your support!

— Dan Bader, Chief Python Nut at Real Python