The Python Tricks
Digital Toolkit

This book comes with a collection of bonus resources that I'm calling the "Python Tricks Digital Toolkit."

Among other things, the toolkit includes two hours of tutorial videos that go hand-in-hand with select chapters in the book and help reinforce the key points.

These resources are included at no extra charge with your purchase of the book.

Python Tricks Digital Toolkit

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What’s Included:

Bonus #1 – 12 Python Tutorial Videos

The toolkit package includes 12 HD-quality Python tutorial videos, clocking in at over 127 minutes of run-length.

These videos go hand-in-hand with select chapters in the book and help you learn faster and retain your knowledge by reinforcing the key points.

All 12 bonus videos are in 1080p HD-quality.

Bonus #2 – The Original “Python Tricks” Series

You’ll receive the original “Python Tricks” email series, including future updates. Get a short & sweet Python Trick delivered to your inbox every couple of days:

Bonus #3 – Python Mugs, Shirts, and Stickers (20% Off Your Entire Order)

Make your coworker’s eyes red with envy and get custom-made mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, mouse pads and other accessories for Python developers. Finally, a reason to attend morning standups again 😉

You’ll receive coupon code valid for a 20% discount on your entire order at the Python merchandise store.

Bonus #4 – Free Future Toolkit Updates

You’ll receive future updates for the Python Tricks Digital Toolkit for free. Like my other Python training products I plan to support and update this book and the associated toolkit for a long time.

Get the toolkit today and receive future updates free of charge.

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Python Tricks Digital Toolkit

 $100  FREE

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