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Project Demonstration

00:00 Project Demo and Overview. In Wordle, you have six attempts to guess a secret five-letter word. After each guess, you’ll get feedback about which letters are correctly placed, which are misplaced, and which are wrong.

00:15 The New York Times bought the original Wordle in early 2022, and you can now play the game on their website. The game has a social aspect that you won’t re-create in this project.

00:26 The New York Times version of the game has one secret word per day, and all the players are guessing the same word. Your version of the game will look as seen on-screen.

00:38 After you make a guess, each letter is categorized. Correct letters are marked in green, misplaced letters are marked in yellow, and wrong letters are marked in gray.

00:48 If you make any mistakes, such as guessing a word with six letters, then the game will give you appropriate feedback and let you take another guess.

00:59 An important part of this project is bootstrapping the application early. You want to have code that runs so that you can test that the code works, and you can experiment with different ways of implementing the features that you need in the game.

01:11 You’ll build your Wordle clone iteratively, going through the steps seen on-screen: creating a simple prototype that allows you to guess a secret word and gives you feedback on the individual letters, making the game more interesting by including a list of words that the game randomly chooses from, refactoring the code to use functions, adding color and style to the game using the Rich library, providing actionable feedback to your users when they play the game, and improving the user interface by adding the status of all the letters in the alphabet. As you work through the course, you’ll see how you can start with a small idea and grow it into our full-featured application. After all, that was Wordle’s journey.

01:53 And in the next section of the course, you’ll start yours.

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