Requests Introduction & Overview

In this lesson you’ll get a general overview about the requests library. Furthermore, it reveals you how to install requests on your machine using pip and how to import it. In fact it’s as easy as:

pip install requests

After installing requests you’re able to import into your project via:

import requests

Comments & Discussion

Dominic on March 14, 2019

Hi Chris, thanks for the tutorial :-) Getting to know bpython was already worth so much! I didn’t know it so far but it already helped me today to get an effortless look into some module functions!

Chris Bailey RP Team on March 15, 2019

Thanks so much Dominic! I’m really getting mileage out of bptyhon, its fantastic for inspecting elements.

Evan E on May 1, 2019

Yeah, big ups on bpython. I’ve been using bpython since Dan Bader showed it back when he use to make YouTube vids;)

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