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Choosing a Color Theme

00:00 The last setting I want to show you is probably the visually most impactful setting of this code conversation, choosing a color theme. So by default you will have the normal color theme, but you can change how your Visual Studio Code editor looks as a whole by choosing another color theme and there are a bunch of options.

00:24 When you click on the smiley face, which is the user icon for your profile at the moment, you can go to Themes and then click Color Theme, and then the command palette pops up where you can navigate through the color themes that VS Code comes with. So currently the default color scheme here is Dark Modern, but you can use the up and down arrows.

00:51 And as you can see in the background behind the command palette, the color theme changes once you go over the other color themes that VD Vode brings. So for example, here there is a Monokai Dimmed there is a Red color theme if that’s something you like, there is Solarized Dark, which I personally really like and a bunch of others.

01:14 And if that’s not enough for you, you can scroll all the way up and there is a big plus sign saying Browse Additional Color Themes. And once you click that, then you are basically going into the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

01:30 There you can see a selection of color themes that are available and you can preview them here as well. The difference to the color themes that VS Code comes with is that they are basically installed as an extension.

01:44 So we don’t do this right now, so let’s go back, click escape and do the whole thing again by clicking on the smiley button. Themes, Color Themes, because for this code conversation, let’s stick with one that VS Code comes with. And I personally like the Solarized Dark one.

02:03 And once you hit Enter, then you can see that on the left side the settings change in the settings.json file changes as well. So that’s a really cool way of choosing color themes like this.

02:12 You can preview them by clicking through them. And once you’ve chosen your color theme, then it’s in the settings.json file.

02:21 The whole topic of color themes is way bigger and there is a bunch of different color themes out there that are worth exploring. But for now, let’s stick with the Solarized Dark one.

02:32 And that’s basically all the settings that I wanted to show you in this code conversation. So the only step that is left is in the next lesson where I’ll show you how to export your profile.

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