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CPython Internals (PDF)

11.2 MB

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CPython Internals (ePub)

11.6 MB

Mobipocket (.mobi) version for reading on Kindle devices:



  • Updated to CPython 3.9.0b5 and the new PEG parser
  • Grammar & typo fixes


  • Fix missing step in tokens setup
  • Fix code example (variable assignment) in compiler chapter
  • Fix DUP_TOP typo in execution loop chapter
  • Fix diagram typos
  • Fix incorrect port range
  • Add extra step/explanations to compiler chapter
  • Typo fixes

Thanks for all the feedback so far. It is incredibly helpful. We’re keeping track of who reports what and will include your names with the next Thank You page refresh :)


  • Reduce Kindle (.mobi) file size
  • Typo fixes
  • Clarify example needs -X oldparser (Thanks to Ben Campbell)
  • Add missing ./configure build step (Thanks to Jürgen Gmach and Vishnu Sreekumar)


  • Typography cleanups, updated resources page URL


  • Update to CPython 3.9.0b1


  • Fixed ePub code blocks on Apple Books (iPad and macOS 10.15)

Comments & Discussion

Guillermo Alfonso Morales on June 1, 2020

Awesome, I hope to learn a lot with this.

newdragone on June 2, 2020

I’m excited!

Gregory Reshetniak on June 2, 2020

Looks like something I wanted to read for a while now.

andrewmcox on June 2, 2020

Can’t wait to dig in. Thanks!

dcmdcm on June 2, 2020

Will you be sending push notifications of changes?

Dan Bader RP Team on June 2, 2020

We’ll announce major updates via email (+ on-site notifications) and here on this page.

William Glennon on June 3, 2020

Looking forward to reading it and of course learning!

Dan Bader RP Team on June 3, 2020

Hey everyone, quick heads up regarding the Kindle version of the book:

We’re working on slimming down the generated .mobi file so that it fits into the Send-to-Kindle limit. If you’re getting an error message saying “Send-to-Kindle does not support documents over 50 MB”, that’s why.

Dan Bader RP Team on June 4, 2020

Anthony just provided me with a new build of the book that reduces the Kindle (.mobi) file size so it fits under the Send-to-Kindle limit. This new build also fixes some typos and other errata. To see the changelog & download the updated files please use the links at the top of this page. Thanks!

loumarco on June 4, 2020

Thanks a bunch.... There be learnin’ in my short-term future!

Allenite on June 4, 2020

Awesome. Happy to support RP and Anthony!

Dan Bader RP Team on June 9, 2020

We just published a new build (see changelog above.) You can download the latest version of the book files using the links near the top of the page.

Anthony Shaw RP Team on June 9, 2020

Hey Everyone! For those who are up to the chapter on the Grammar- Python 3.9 has got a new Parser (called the PEG) and a new grammar file. Its so new that I stuck with the existing one as up until a few weeks ago it wasn’t finished. 3.9.0 beta 2 should be out this week and I’m going to update the chapter for the new Grammar syntax so you won’t need to use -X oldparser when going through the Almost-Equal operator.

Peter Cavallaro on June 11, 2020

Sadly I am like a kid with a new toy unwrapping (downloading) this book.

sinclairjang on July 6, 2020

I am going deep guys.

Dan Bader RP Team on July 27, 2020

Update Released: Anthony updated the book to CPython 3.9.0b5 and the new PEG parser! Download the latest version of the book files using the links near the top of the page.

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