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Creating a VS Code Profile

00:00 Profiles in VS Code are a great idea to contain any settings you are customizing. By default, you are in the default user profile, which is generally fine to work with that, but profiles give you more options to export them, to maybe have different profiles for different work environments.

00:19 And for this video course, it’s just a nice playground to play around with things.

00:25 You can find the profiles menu by clicking the gear icon where you can manage some settings. And there you can see that the current profile is default.

00:35 In the context menu, there is also the option to create a profile. Alternatively to using the mouse you could also use the command palette. For this video course, I might use a command palette with Command Shift P on Mac or Ctrl Shift P on Windows.

00:52 But since I don’t want to rush things, you will mostly see me using the mouse. So again, click the gear icon, go to the Profile menu, and from there click Create Profile.

01:04 And then you see a popup window where you can set a profile name. You can define from which profile you want to copy from. And there are actually already some profile templates.

01:16 We will ignore them for now. For this video course, we’ll start from scratch with the profile

01:22 and you can use an icon. Here, let’s use the smiley. And then you can choose what to configure in your profile. So here you select Settings, Keyboard Shortcuts, User Snippets, User Tasks, and Extensions.

01:37 In this video course, we’ll only tackle the settings, but it’s a good idea to have everything in place for this profile. And then that first input field was asking for a profile name.

01:46 So let’s call the one for this video course Playground, because that’s actually what we want to do playing around with the settings a little bit. Once you click Create, you can see on the lower left where you click the gear icon that now there is the smiley icon that we selected.

02:02 And you can see that now when you click it, you basically manage your Playground profile. And that’s the perfect starting round to adjust some settings.

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