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Build Cross-Platform GUI Apps With Kivy (Summary)

Kivy is a really interesting GUI framework that you can use to create desktop user interfaces and mobile applications on both iOS and Android. Kivy applications won’t look like the native apps on any platform. This can be an advantage if you want your application to look and feel different from the competition!

In this video course, you’ve learned the basics of Kivy, including how to add widgets, hook up events, lay out multiple widgets, and use the KV language. Then you created your first Kivy application and learned how to distribute it on other platforms, including mobile!

There are many widgets and concepts about Kivy that you didn’t cover here, so be sure to check out Kivy’s website for tutorials, sample applications, and much more.

To learn more about concepts covered in this course, check out:

If you’re looking to build your GUI skills by mastering different libraries, then check out all of Real Python’s GUI resources!


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Robot on June 27, 2023


Lots of info for a relative beginner, (To Kivy/KivyMD). I have been packaging KivyMD apps for a little while now and really like it. I still run into some things that might be useful had I learned them before getting started. The buildozer environment is a lot more stable now. Though it was a bear getting just right for software versions because of old outdated information and stale videos. Many of the new features have made the process a lot easier.

Would it be possible to come up with a course for KivyMD packaging for Android/iOS that gets more into the really Google’ish Material Design aspects of apps? I bet there would be quite a few takers for that course. KivyMD has many predefined widgets for Android look and feel and even color palates for managing complementary colors. Quite a leap from boxy strange look and feel of Kivy alone.

Count me in. Robin

Avatar image for Darren Jones

Darren Jones RP Team on July 8, 2023

Hi Robin. I have put this forward to the team for consideration - thanks!

Avatar image for Robot

Robot on July 11, 2023

I can provide samples if you are interested. ;-)

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