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Creating a Discord Bot in Python (Summary)

Congratulations on learning how to make a Discord bot in Python! You can now build bots for interacting with users in guilds that you create or even bots that other users can invite to interact with their communities. Your bots will be able to respond to messages, commands, and numerous other events.

In this course, you learned:

  • What Discord is
  • Why discord.py is so valuable
  • How to make a Discord bot in the Developer Portal
  • How to create a Discord connection in Python
  • How to handle events
  • How to create a Bot connection
  • How to use bot commands, checks, and converters

To read more about the powerful discord.py library and take your bots to the next level, read through their extensive documentation. Also, now that you’re familiar with Discord APIs in general, you have a better foundation for building other types of Discord applications.

You can also explore the possibilities of ChatterBot, Tweepy, InstaPy, and Alexa Skills to learn more about how you can make bots for different platforms using Python.


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Avatar image for mikesult

mikesult on Aug. 23, 2020

Thanks Andrew, this gave me a foundation that I can work from. It is clearly presented in easy to digest lessons. Thank you.

Avatar image for Mario Henrique Adaniya

Mario Henrique Adaniya on Oct. 25, 2020

That was really good. I believe all the basics were covered, and I can try to make my own bots now. To me, I’ve just miss some topic about deploying the bot. But the content are still great!

Avatar image for Paul D Paradis

Paul D Paradis on Nov. 15, 2020

Thanks for creating this. This course is helping me make the transition from being a syntax jockey to actually learning how to create things with code. Also, it has opened up the possibility for me to put a bot in my son’s Discord server, which is going to be fun!

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