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Excel Takes Flight

00:00 Perhaps one of the most famous ones was Microsoft Excel. They featured a whole flight simulator that, which is crazy inside Excel. So you would type some cryptic message into a cell, and then you would use a particular key combination and it would open up this flight simulator right in your Excel, which is quite funny given, you know, Excel is considered professional software for business applications, and yet you can play a game inside of it.

00:28 That is so funny. I didn’t know about this one. And I mean, it’s like, you can pretend to work on big numbers, but actually you are playing flight simulator.

00:36 That’s quite cool. Yeah, but they, they changed their take on Easter eggs, I mean, Microsoft, and at some point they decided that, you know, they want to become a serious company and they removed all the Easter eggs from their software.

00:51 Mm. At least that’s what they’re saying. So you won’t find this flight simulator in Excel anymore, unfortunately. Oh, unlike other companies, like Google, for instance, is still pretty big on Easter eggs.

01:04 If you go to a Wikipedia article that lists all the Easter eggs in Google products and services, it’s a, it’s a pretty long list.

01:13 Yeah. I think that’s a good example of developers also having fun and not just publishing the corporate software, but also leaving some, like maybe little bugs in that are not harmful or, or something like this.

01:26 And maybe Microsoft only wants you to think that there are no Easter eggs. So if any viewers find some Easter eggs in a Microsoft product, let us know in the comments below because maybe they are still out there.

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