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History of Software Easter Eggs

00:00 When we’re talking about Easter eggs, what are we actually talking about? What has this to do with software development and why is this an interesting topic to talk about?

00:10 Yeah. In the traditional sense, for those of you who don’t know, Easter eggs are hard-boiled eggs, which are decorated in various patterns and paints, but they also mean something entirely different in the software engineering, particularly video games.

00:26 And this is exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Yeah, I remember this from my childhood, like we actually had Easter Egg Hunts in Germany. So when it was Easter Sunday, our parents were hiding Easter eggs in the garden and we, we kids had to wait inside and then you went outside with a little basket and all the kids needed to find Easter eggs.

00:47 And in the end, you were comparing who found the most and who found the most interesting ones. Often there were not only boring boiled eggs, but chocolate eggs, which is a bit more interesting.

00:59 Oh yeah. Especially as a kid. Right? Still as an adult, I guess. Yeah. And you were mentioning in software development there is something similar. There are also little interesting details that are hidden somewhere in video games, software, sometimes even films, and also in Python.

01:17 But maybe before we go into the Python world, do you know of any popular Easter eggs or some examples that our viewers might already know? Absolutely. But before we do this, I would actually like to take a step back and explain a little more about the concept of Easter eggs and software.

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