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How You Did: Feedback Round

00:00 We actually could have ended the Code Conversation after Martin did the coding and solved the challenge, but we both thought that it would be nice to give a bit of feedback, how things went and also draw a comparison to how this situation that we had might be seen in a coding interview, where I would be the interviewer and he would be the applicant.

00:26 So if this would be a real coding interview session, I would for sure give you the opportunity for another challenge at the next stage.

00:35 Well, thank you. But yeah, I’m really happy with the solution you came up with. I’m also happy that you used my name to charm me while you were doing it.

00:46 And yeah, I also really appreciated that you were talking about your thoughts while you were coding. So you’re not just blindly meeting the instructions and saying, like, that’s my solutions, but you gave me the opportunity to understand how you think while you’re programming, which can be messy.

01:06 Like that’s not just with your style. I think every programmer knows this, that like your thoughts, especially at the beginning go to different directions, and it really helps to talk about why you’re renaming this variable that you just named a few seconds ago to word instead of example_spring, for example.

01:25 I really appreciated that you were taking me with you and that you were talking about this, and last but not least that you were thinking outside of the box, like, meaning that you are not just meeting the instructions that I gave you, but you were also were talking about tests, which is a big plus for me in an interview session that you’re even gave me more than I expected, and I always like that to get more than I expect from the good stuff.

01:54 And yeah, tests are part of the good stuff, so this was something I really appreciated as well. Cool. Well, thanks for inviting me for this session. Thank you so much for doing this session. I hope for you, the viewer, this was worth to watch as well. If you have any questions about what we did, feel free to comment below the video, and hope to see you next time.

02:16 Bye. Bye.

02:19 And that’s a wrap. Before you leave, check out part where I will summarize the things that just saw and also resources if you want to dig in deeper with certain topics.

Avatar image for herepete

herepete on Dec. 12, 2022

Awesome stuff, very interesting to see how a problem was handled :) As soon as i saw the problem i wrote my own version of the script and at the end i wrote a new version of the script for myself to include what i learnt.

Avatar image for Philipp Acsany

Philipp Acsany RP Team on Dec. 13, 2022

@herepete That’s a great way to deepen your knowledge. Well done! 💪

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