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What Is a Stack?

Have you heard of stacks and wondered what they are? Do you have a general idea but are wondering how to implement a Python stack? You’ve come to the right place!

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize when a stack is a good choice for a data structure
  • How to decide which implementation is best for your program
  • What extra considerations to make about stacks in a threading or multiprocessing environment

This course is for Pythonistas who are comfortable running scripts, know what a list is and how to use it, and are wondering how to implement Python stacks.


Sample Code (.py)

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Course Slides (.pdf)

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TheManWhoSoldTheWorld on June 12, 2020

Great content! but please add subtitles or try to speak a little slow.

kiran on Aug. 14, 2020

can you implement other data structures also?

Liam Pulsifer RP Team on Aug. 14, 2020

@TheManWhoSoldTheWorld thanks for the feedback! We’ve just started adding subtitles to the new courses.

Liam Pulsifer RP Team on Aug. 14, 2020

@kiran thanks for the question! I’m not quite sure what you mean – would you mind clarifying the question?

kiran on Aug. 15, 2020

@Liam Pulsifer Other Data structures also… Like queue, trees, graphs, linked list & it’s types, etc.

Liam Pulsifer RP Team on Aug. 15, 2020

Ahh, gotcha @kiran! We have some video courses in the pipeline that are going to deal with some of those concepts, and we also have some written courses out already. Check out

for some examples, and stay tuned for future courses!

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