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While Loops: Conclusion & Lessons Learned

This lesson is a recap of the Mastering While Loops course. You learned about:

  • The Basics of the while-Loop
  • Interruption of Loop Iterations
  • The else-Clause
  • Infinite while-Loops (and how to break out of them)
  • Nested while-Loops
  • One-Line while-Loops

Take the Quiz: Test your knowledge with our interactive “Python "while" Loops” quiz. Upon completion you will receive a score so you can track your learning progress over time:

Interactive Quiz

Python "while" Loops

Test your understanding of Python while loops

ChrisF on March 16, 2019

Great set of tutorials - Loved them!

estis on April 24, 2019

The tutorial was very good!

sion on May 13, 2019

Very good tutorial. It took me to places that I’ve not been before. Thank you.

kcalhoun98 on May 21, 2019

This un-confused me about the order of operations in a nested while loop. Thank you!!

rklyba on June 16, 2019

Thank you for the tutorial.

Jean Ferreira on Sept. 4, 2019

Well done Katy. You made it very easy to understand and also you used a great tool to help us see step-by-step how everything works. Looking forward for more videos from you.

Sachin on Dec. 26, 2019

Thanks for the great tutorial. I can now use while loops to their full potential

kbutler52 on Dec. 31, 2019

Thank you great video

Abdullah Dev on Feb. 27, 2020

Great work! Well done! This is so easy to follow and easy to understand! Amazing!!!

Levi on March 13, 2020

Learned a thing or two, especially those 1 line while loops. Thanks!

dnlock on May 7, 2020

Fantastic tutorial, Katy! Thank you.

sweir12525 on July 18, 2020

Excellent. You did not forget that this is an introductory course and not for meant for intermediate programmers.

Ben Nduwuba on July 19, 2020

Great Tutorial ! Thanks !

Ghani on Oct. 15, 2020

Excellent tutorial Katy; thanks so much!

Gregory on Jan. 5, 2021

Great Job! I really enjoyed this series. You maintained a calm, but steady pace and didn’t overload us beginners. Also, was glad to see someone besides myself using Thonny. It’s a great tool for those of us just starting out.

kegger on May 19, 2021

Cleared up confusion I has about break and continue. Thanks much!

aniketbarphe on Sept. 26, 2021

Thank You for great content!

rwelk on Feb. 12, 2024

Being fairly new to learning Python I found the use of Thonny in these videos very helpful to me. Great segment. Thanks.

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