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Wrapping Up the Conversation

00:00 Yeah, this course we wanted to focus on the terminal, so of course if you’re working with Python, there is a whole big universe out there, but all those terminal commands that you showed were—most of them, except the python command—were not specific to Python.

00:18 So you can do this with any files, can be text files or Markdown files. Yeah, is there anything about the terminal that you think a person who just starts their Python journey should be aware of or should know about?

00:33 Well, I think the terminal may look like a slightly unfriendly place. It kind of just sits there waiting for you to do stuff, and then we’re kind of just showing you all these weird commands, so mkdir and cp and sed and so on.

00:49 I think an important thing to know is just that you don’t need to know all of this. It’s kind of just pick a few commands and get to know how they work.

00:57 And in particular, I think it’s good to just start with getting familiar with moving around in the file system. So having the cd command and the mkdir and maybe the ones we showed in the beginning here, but also do know that once you kind of level up with the terminal, it becomes extremely powerful, and you can do stuff in the terminal with just a few commands that are somewhere between impossible to do in a GUI to at least very tedious.

01:25 So it is a very powerful tool, even though it looks very basic. So it’s a great investment to learn, but it’s not something that you really need to spend a lot of time on learning right now. Just take your time and get to know it step by step.

01:41 Perfect. Yeah. Thank you so much, Geir Arne, for showing us the terminal on Linux. My pleasure. Thank you, Philipp.

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