I’m Migrating the dbader.org Store to Improve Your Learning Experience

Real Python Video Courses

To give you a better learning experience I’m migrating all of my Python teaching products from my old online store at training.dbader.org to the new and shiny realpython.com course platform.

I developed this new course platform from the ground up (using Python 3 and Django, of course!) to give you the following benefits:

  • Track Your Learning Progress: Mark lessons as completed or in-progress and learn at your own comfortable pace. Bookmark interesting lessons and review them later to boost long-term retention.
  • Community-Focused: Products now include a comments box where you can ask questions and interact with other students.
  • Completion Certificates: You can now generate shareable certificates of completion for each course or product you own.
  • Downloads & Bonus Resources: Direct-download access to product updates and bonus resources like source code, cheat sheets, and workbooks.
  • … and More

So, make yourself comfortable 🙂 From now on you’ll access all of your dbader.org book and course purchases directly here on realpython.com:

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