Brian Peterson

About Brian Peterson

Brian’s background is in engineering & science; he spent over 15 years working in an assortment of research & development laboratories in addition to contributing to projects such as Titan inertial guidance systems, ground speed radar, near object detection systems, large-scale, high-speed data acquisition systems, and many others.

He loves life, continuous learning, and honing new skills. Lately, he has been reapplying his talents and experience to the public sector where he specializes in rescuing (or humanely putting down) projects, introducing new tools & technology, strategic planning, portfolio management, and building out new adaptive PMO services designed to promote future success and innovation in government technology projects.

In his free time, he enjoys books, music, experimenting with new ideas, kayaking, backpacking, helping with community service projects, and spending time with his pack: family and assortment of animals.