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Advanced CSV Reader Parameters

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In this lesson, you’ll see different ways to handle non-standard CSV files and how to deal with delimeters appearing in your data.

You learned how to:

  • Change reader parameters
  • Use different delimeters
  • Quote fields containing special characters using quotechar
  • Escape the delimiter using escapechar

Comments & Discussion

avermaisi11 on July 25, 2019

What if i’m not allowed to change the data inside the file. how can i escape the comma char in such cases.

Joe Tatusko RP Team on July 30, 2019

Are you trying to read or write the file? You can use the escapechar parameter to put something before the comma, but this changes the data like you said.

Do you have an example row or cell that you’re trying to read in?

Eric P on Aug. 16, 2019

quotechar and escapechar are both very useful. Thanks

rcruzalegui on March 10, 2020

How would I use the same script but load it to a dictionary to it can be used for later?

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