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The Arduino Platform

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the Arduino platform, and find out which hardware and software resources you’ll need to work through the course.

To run the examples, you’ll need to assemble the circuits by hooking up electronic components. You can generally find these items at electronic component stores or in good Arduino starter kits. You’ll need:

  1. An Arduino Uno or other compatible board
  2. A standard LED of any color
  3. A push button
  4. A 10 KOhm potentiometer
  5. A 470 Ohm resistor
  6. A 10 KOhm resistor
  7. A breadboard
  8. Jumper wires of various colors and sizes

In addition to these hardware components, you’ll need to install some software. To install the Arduino IDE on your computer, download the appropriate version for your operating system from one of the following resources:

For more information about Arduino and the Internet of Things, check out the following resources:

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