Python Basics Exercises: Installing Packages With pip (Overview)

So far on the Python Basics learning path, you’ve been working within the bounds of the Python standard library. Now it’s time to unlock packages that aren’t included with Python by default. To do that, you’ll need pip.

Many programming languages offer a package manager that automates the process of installing, upgrading, and removing third-party packages. Python is no exception. The de facto package manager for Python is called pip.

In this Python Basics Exercises course, you’ll test and reinforce your knowledge of installing packages and managing virtual environments.

In this video course, you’ll practice:

  • Installing and managing third-party packages with pip
  • Using virtual environments to separate project dependencies
  • Declaring requirements and re-create a development environment

By the end of this course, you’ll have an even stronger grasp of installing packages to suit your programming needs

This video course is part of the Python Basics series, which accompanies Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3. Note that you’ll be using IDLE to interact with Python throughout this course.


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00:00 Hello, hello, hello. I’m Philip with Real Python and I’m so excited that you’re joining me today on this very special course. In this real Python Exercises course, you’ll practice installing packages with pip.

00:15 Our exercises courses are all about training. You’ll train the process of writing code by solving carefully selected exercises. You’ll also train reading over other people’s code and communicating your thought process.

00:29 Doing all that, you’ll practice the concepts that you’ve learned about in an associated course or tutorial and help make them stick. In the upcoming lessons, I’ll introduce you to tasks, give you an opportunity to solve them yourself, and then show you step-by-step how I solved each of them.

00:47 You’ll go through three steps for each task, learn about the exercise code, your own solution, and then you’ll compare your solution with mine. When I walk you through a task, I’ll explain what I do and also why I do it like that.

01:02 That will give you a chance to compare not just our final solution, but also how we got there.

01:09 You’ll start with solving some review exercises in the first section, and then slowly you’ll build up towards a proper challenge.

01:17 Before starting this course, you should have watched the Python Basics course on installing packages with pip. If you went through that course, then you’re well equipped to solve the tasks that I’ll throw at you in this course.

01:30 The concepts that you practice are using the terminal, working with virtual environments, installing packages, and declaring project requirements. If you are somewhat familiar with these concepts and you want to strengthen your knowledge with some practical programming tasks, then this course is exactly right for you.

01:51 If you’re ready to get started and do some hands-on programming, then see you in the next lesson there. I’ll introduce you to the first exercise to get you warmed up.

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