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Collect Stars to Save Christmas

00:00 Yes. So if you go to the adventofcode.com website, you might see something like this where it just tells us that the first puzzles will unlock on December 1, but then we can go back to past events.

00:11 So it kind of links to the events either on top or here. Or if you come here after December 1, you’ll already see the Advent calendar displayed on the front page.

00:21 If we go to the, let’s go to 2022, and then this is the Advent calendar for 2022, and we can kind of see that there are twenty-five lines, and behind each of these doors, so to speak, there is a programming puzzle. We can have a look just at the text if we go into day one.

00:40 And the way these events work is that every year there’s a different backstory, typically about something that you need to do to save Christmas in some kind of way.

00:51 And for 2022, essentially we need to help Santa’s reindeer get all their magical energy that they need to deliver presents on Christmas.

01:01 Okay. And this energy is provided by some special type of snack, the star fruit. Exactly. So yeah, every, every year, somehow the, the story ends up being that you need to collect fifty stars.

01:15 As we can see here, these stars is something that you earn by solving puzzles. And each puzzle grants one star. And we just said that there were twenty-five puzzles, but there’s fifty stars here.

01:27 And that’s because every day, there are actually two puzzles. And as it says down here, we collect stars by solving puzzles. And then the second puzzle for a day is only unlocked once we complete the first one.

01:40 And we’ll see that this is kind of a fun little extra challenge. And then each puzzle grants one star. So each part for a day grants one star. So typically, you want to get two stars each day. Perfect.

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