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Emphasizing With Hover Inspections

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In this lesson you will emphasize the hover actions you implemented in the last lesson. You will add an additional glyph, in this case circles instead of squares, with an initial opacity set to zero so that it is invisible until the cursor is touching it.

For even more exploration here is a link to the user guide section on Hover Inspections.


# Bokeh Libraries
from bokeh.plotting import figure, show
from import output_file
from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource, NumeralTickFormatter, HoverTool

# Import the data
from read_nba_data import three_takers

# Output to file
            title='Three-Point Attempts vs. Percentage')

# Store the data in a ColumnDataSource
three_takers_cds = ColumnDataSource(three_takers)

#Specify the selection tools to be made available
select_tools = ['box_select', 'lasso_select', 'poly_select', 'tap', 'reset']

# Format the tooltip
tooltips = [
            ('Player', '@name'),
            ('Three-Pointers Made', '@play3PM'),
            ('Three-Pointers Attempted', '@play3PA'),
            ('Three-Point Percentage', '@pct3PM{00.0%}')   

# Create the figure
fig = figure(plot_height=400,
             x_axis_label='Three-Point Shots Attempted',
             y_axis_label='Percentage Made',
             title='3PT Shots Attempted vs. Percentage Made (min. 100 3PA), 2017-18',

# Format the y-axis tick label as percentages
fig.yaxis[0].formatter = NumeralTickFormatter(format='00.0%')

# Add square representing each player

# Configure a renderer to be used upon hover
hover_glyph ='play3PA', y='pct3PM', source=three_takers_cds,
                         size=15, alpha=0,
                         hover_fill_color='black', hover_alpha=0.5)

# Add the HoverTool to the figure
fig.add_tools(HoverTool(tooltips=tooltips, renderers=[hover_glyph]))

# Visualize

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