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Highlighting Data Using the Legend

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In this lesson you will explore the final interactivity example in this tutorial: interactive legends. In this visualization, you’ll see two identical scatter plots comparing the game-by-game points and rebounds of LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The only difference will be that one will use a hide as its click_policy, while the other uses mute.

In this case you will use the existing player_stats DataFrame from You will isolate data using GroupFilter and CDSView.


# Bokeh Libraries
from bokeh.plotting import figure, show
from import output_file
from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource, CDSView, GroupFilter
from bokeh.layouts import row

# Import the data
from read_nba_data import player_stats

# Output to a static html file
            title='LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant')

# Store the data in a ColumnDataSource
player_gm_stats = ColumnDataSource(player_stats)

# Create a view for each player
lebron_filters = [GroupFilter(column_name='playFNm', group='LeBron'),
                  GroupFilter(column_name='playLNm', group='James')]
lebron_view = CDSView(source=player_gm_stats,

durant_filters = [GroupFilter(column_name='playFNm', group='Kevin'),
                  GroupFilter(column_name='playLNm', group='Durant')]
durant_view = CDSView(source=player_gm_stats,

# Consolidate the common keyword arguments in dicts
common_figure_kwargs = {
    'plot_width': 400,
    'x_axis_label': 'Points',
    'toolbar_location': None,
common_circle_kwargs = {
    'x': 'playPTS',
    'y': 'playTRB',
    'source': player_gm_stats,
    'size': 12,
    'alpha': 0.7,
common_lebron_kwargs = {
    'view': lebron_view,
    'color': '#002859',
    'legend': 'LeBron James'
common_durant_kwargs = {
    'view': durant_view,
    'color': '#FFC324',
    'legend': 'Kevin Durant',

# Create the two figures and draw the data
hide_fig = figure(**common_figure_kwargs,
                  title='Click Legend to HIDE Data',
                  y_axis_label='Rebounds')**common_circle_kwargs, **common_lebron_kwargs)**common_circle_kwargs, **common_durant_kwargs)

mute_fig = figure(**common_figure_kwargs, title='Click Legend to MUTE Data')**common_circle_kwargs, **common_lebron_kwargs,
                muted_alpha=0.1)**common_circle_kwargs, **common_durant_kwargs,

# Add interactivity to the legend
hide_fig.legend.click_policy = 'hide'
mute_fig.legend.click_policy = 'mute'

# Visualize
show(row(hide_fig, mute_fig))

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