Bonus Materials (Learning Path & Quizzes)

This learning path is meant to accompany our Python Basics book. It will guide you through the chapters and exercises in the book. To access the learning path, just click the link below:

Python Basics Book

Learning Path

Python Basics Book

19 Resources ⋅ Skills: Python 3 Fundamentals, Real-World Projects

dkjennings on Jan. 9, 2020

I am having some issues with the bonus materials. Every time I select a link to a book chapter it takes me to a page to purchase the book. Is this expected behaviour? I would expect it to either take me to another page to download the book, a smaller pdf preview or some kind of subpage with just the additional materials for that chapter based on the fact I have purchased the book. I hope this feedback helps, as it may lead to confusion to others too.

Dan Bader RP Team on Jan. 9, 2020

Ah, thanks for the comment @dkjennings. The idea with the learning path is that linked above is that the Book Chapter blocks are just “headlines” and to access the bonus resources like quizzes and coding exercises you’ll click on the links below each chapter heading in the path. You’ll find the text for each chapter in the ebook files (or in the print version when it comes out). Hope that explains it :)

yourthbrad on Jan. 25, 2020

I was able to DL the PDF but I don’t see a link to the Bonus Materials.

Dan Bader RP Team on Jan. 27, 2020

@yourthbrad: The bonus materials such as quizzes and coding exercises are linked at the end of each chapter in the book. Or you can also access them through the Python Basics Book learning path linked at the top of this page.

Anonymous on Feb. 10, 2020

I am reading the Python Basics.pdf When trying to view the solutions to the exercises online 1. the link from the book seems not to open 2. when i copy and paste the link in the browser it opens interesting material to read but not the answers to the questions…

Any suggestions? Thank you

David Amos RP Team on Feb. 10, 2020

Hi Anonymous, when you visit that link there should be a couple of red buttons at the top of the page that you can click on to go to the solutions to the exercises on GitHub.

You can also find them at right now, although the button one the page linked to by the book will always link to right place for the exercise solutions (in case they change in the future).

Hope that helps!

Anonymous on Feb. 19, 2020

Apologies for late reply. Thank you.

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