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Code Along

00:00 And yeah. The puzzle that we want to do today is the one for day six of 2022. Yes. The way how you as a viewer can tackle this course now is also go to the adventofcode.com/2022 site.

00:18 You might need to log in to see this.

00:22 Yes, you need to log in. Essentially, we already logged in here. There’s a login button up here if you haven’t used it. And then you’ll just use one other service like GitHub or Twitter or any of those to log in.

00:34 And you need to register to use this because the input that you’ll get is your personal input. So to check your solution, you need to log in.

00:43 When we click on the on the sixth day, you see that there is a little story with the puzzle,

00:49 and how you can use this course is to stop the course after we read the puzzle of this day and try solving it yourself before continuing with this course, where you can see Geir Arne solving this puzzle.

01:02 So that’s another way of how you can exercise yourself with this video course, but it’s also perfectly fine to just lean back and hear my voice and see Geir Arne programming and hear his voice.

01:15 So whatever you do with this course, you will do it right.

01:20 Yes. And many of these challenges are also presented in such a way that you can solve them using several different approaches. So even though we will kind of show one or two approaches here, you can also solve this puzzle in other different ways.

01:34 So that’s also a kind of fun challenge to yourself to just see if you can come up with different solutions.

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