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Running Python Scripts: Recap & Summary

This video is a summary of everything you have learned up to this point. Some of the material you have covered includes:

  • What the Python interpreter does
  • The difference between a module and a script
  • How to run Python code in interactive mode, in the file manager and in a code editor

Take the Quiz: Test your knowledge with our interactive “How to Run Your Python Scripts” quiz. You’ll receive a score upon completion to help you track your learning progress:

Interactive Quiz

How to Run Your Python Scripts

One of the most important skills you need to build as a Python developer is to be able to run Python scripts and code. Test your understanding on how good you are with running your code.

Avatar image for johncyyoung

johncyyoung on April 10, 2019

Thanks, enjoyed that, informative for beginner(me!) :)

Avatar image for JulianV

JulianV on June 5, 2019

Nice work.

Avatar image for Michael deVry

Michael deVry on July 30, 2019

Thanks Darren. Clear and concise. Cheers!

Avatar image for DiscreteLoner

DiscreteLoner on Aug. 6, 2019

Easy to follow and good for people that use difference operating systems.

Avatar image for Robert Tonkavich

Robert Tonkavich on Dec. 14, 2019

Very Informative. And even though you think you know the topic, you learn something new or that you missed. Or misunderstood. Thank you for a Really Good Presentation. Clear and Concise.

Avatar image for tsusadivyago

tsusadivyago on May 21, 2020

basics solidified

Avatar image for abhijitchouhary01

abhijitchouhary01 on June 18, 2020

Good Stuff! Touching the roots and basics.

Avatar image for avalidzy

avalidzy on Aug. 12, 2020

Well done general coverage of script implementing!

Avatar image for morgan

morgan on Sept. 26, 2020

Learned something new. Thanks Darren!

Avatar image for Ghani

Ghani on Oct. 26, 2020

Very informative; thanks a lot!

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