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How to Use sorted() and .sort() in Python: Summary

Avatar image for Pakorn

Pakorn on Dec. 31, 2019

Great tutorial, very useful, esp. the common issues section.

Avatar image for Faheem Faheem

Faheem Faheem on Jan. 1, 2020

Good review of sorted() and .sort(). Thank you!

Avatar image for Harsha Vardhan

Harsha Vardhan on Jan. 2, 2020

Now, I learned a better way to sort mixed numbers. Thank you Joe..

Avatar image for Venkat Ganti

Venkat Ganti on Jan. 2, 2020

Thank you Joe, it is good tutorial. My take away is usage of lambda function and when to use sort and sorted.

Avatar image for Kevin Freeman

Kevin Freeman on Jan. 3, 2020

Very clear explanations and realistic examples. Thanks Joe!

Avatar image for Sandhya

Sandhya on Jan. 4, 2020

Thank you. Joe.

Avatar image for rallegre

rallegre on Jan. 6, 2020

Great job Joe! Tutorial’s like this is the reason why subscribed to Real Python

Avatar image for sion

sion on Jan. 6, 2020

Useful stuff. I liked the way you presented it. Thank you Joe.

Avatar image for Billiam

Billiam on Jan. 7, 2020

Very nicely presented. Easy to understand and follow. Thanks Joe.

Avatar image for RetiringInComo

RetiringInComo on Jan. 15, 2020

Totally agree, thought it was going to be boring but had several ah - ha moments. Thanks Joe!!

Avatar image for majid021

majid021 on Jan. 30, 2020

Thank you for explaining the difference between sort and sorted in detail with good examples. I was using both sort and sorted thinking that they don’t have much difference, but after watching i got really good idea when to use what.

Thanks Joe.

Avatar image for Valeriy Pomulev

Valeriy Pomulev on July 2, 2020

Thanks a lot, Joe. Great training.

Avatar image for ingdanielguerrero

ingdanielguerrero on July 17, 2020

great tutorial, thank you.

Avatar image for davedanger

davedanger on Oct. 18, 2020

I’m taking an MIT EDX course (6.002.X) but Real Python is my goto for detailed explanation when and where needed. This helped me “sort” out some of the nuances that they glossed over in the lecture material. Thanks! Your tutorial is very well presented, and the key = lambda x:… explanation was what I needed for a current problem set.

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