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Wrapping Up the Conversation

00:00 Thank you so much for showing us around, Ian. Oh, a pleasure. For viewers that haven’t used the terminal yet, do we have some encouraging words for them?

00:12 Yes, just keep practicing, I would say. It can be very tedious, and I would say you don’t have to rely 100 percent on the terminal. I think it is very suited towards certain tasks, but it may be not suited to every task. You know, I still use Windows Explorer quite a lot if I need to do a lot of moving files or organizing files, it can be very tedious to type all those things out. But then again, I usually always have a terminal open to do whatever I need to do.

00:44 Maybe it’s to run a Python script to clean up my files or work with Git. Git is a version control system that’s very common amongst developers, and I prefer to work with it in the terminal and not use a graphical user interface for it.

00:59 And there’s a bunch of programs that have command-line interfaces that I like to be able to use. And also, if you’re designing your own programs, it’s much, much easier to design a command-line interface than it is to work with a graphical user interface.

01:17 And I’m sure there are frameworks out there that make graphical user interfaces very simple, but you don’t get much more basic than just text, and that’s all the terminal is. It’s just text.

01:29 There’s nothing really special going on. I mean, you’ll see some colors and stuff like that, but that’s about it.

01:36 And yeah, I also think that’s similar, like with learning Python, you don’t have to know everything at once. You can Google stuff that you don’t know and get comfortable here, here and there.

01:48 But hopefully we showed you a bit of the terminal in Windows that you are more comfortable opening it now and then and find your round around in there. Thank you so much, Ian. Oh, thank you, Philipp.

02:02 It was a lot of fun.

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