Python Mentoring and 1:1 Coaching

Work directly with the Real Python team via one-on-one sessions. Become a better developer. Pick up new skills. Accelerate your learning.

How It Works

Need additional help with Django, Flask, NumPy, Heroku, or MongoDB? Stuck troubleshooting a complex Python script? We can help. Whether you need a single session or long-term mentoring, work with us to solve your issues and achieve your goals.

  • Sessions: Our one-on-one sessions are generally delivered over Google Hangouts, Skype, or a pair programming utility, and they last one hour.
  • Curriculum: Looking for longer-term mentoring? We customize curriculum and tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible.
  • Professionals: Work directly with professional developers you know and trust from the Real Python team. Qualifications? We’re authors, professional developers, open source contributors, and entrepreneurs.
  • Beyond Python: Get expert help in web development, software design and architecture, and automation in a number of areas and languages like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Node.js, Angular, Git, and, of course, Python.
  • Urgent issues: Work with us to solve immediate, one time problems, gain technical advice, pair program, or engage in a code review.

Our Mentoring Philosophy

Although we can help with urgent needs, we specialize in longer-term mentoring where we meet regularly to achieve your goals: learning Python, launching a project, or starting a company.

We strong believe in the mentor-student relationship because it’s one all of us at Real Python went through - and still are, actually. Whether you want to become a better developer or launch a project faster, working directly with a mentor from the Real Python team can accelerate your progress with expert guidance and best practices.

Join The Mentoring Program

  • It’s recommended to start with at least three sessions. Get all three Real Python courses along with three mentoring sessions for $997.
  • Each additional session is $499 with a discount given for bulk purchases.

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A member of the Real Python team will contact you shortly after you reach out to us. Questions? Please contact us to see how we can meet your individual needs.


I found the course a great way to tie in my personal goals with expanding my development skills. The curriculum helped by filling in the gaps in areas that I hadn’t had experience with before, and solidifying some steps and processes that were vague to me prior to the involvement. I really enjoyed having Michael Herman for my mentor. He is well versed in a variety of techniques and skills, and was very responsive. This made my desire to learn grow even more.

— Katherine / @gurlinthewurld

Jeremy is one of the best mentors that I’ve worked with. He spent a lot of time with me showing me how to improve my unit testing skills and showing me the value of TDD and an iterative approach to programming. I definitely learned a good deal about Extreme programming (XP) from him and am a better programmer because of it.

— Helmy Ambotang / LinkedIn

Let’s say Jeremy is the one who opened my eyes to the world. He taught me the basics of Software Design and Architecture and Design patterns. He told me that being a programmer is not enough: You have to create and add art to your programming with great architecture. He is the best Software Architect I ever met. He never hesitates to teach anybody and is a really down to earth person.

— Hussein Nassier / Author of Administering ArcGIS for Server and Learning ArcGIS Geodatabases

I think the most useful resource to have while learning how to code is a mentor. Michael was conducive to my understanding of the underlying data structures and algorithms synonymous with coding. He was patient and made time outside of mentor sessions to clarify topics or to simply help me with my code. Michael was very knowledgeable but in no way patronizing, actually insisting that I try to explain my code to him, which was an extremely helpful tool. Michael truly made the experience of learning how to program with no prior experience less intimidating and granted me the skills I needed to take my programming further.

— Andrew Olegario / @olegarioca

Michael has been a pivotal resource for taking my coding skills to the next level. I am a biologist by training, and like many programmers today, I am self-taught. As such, I felt as though there were some theoretical and practical gaps in my knowledge that were preventing me from progressing from beginner to intermediate level programming. After floundering for some time at a learning plateau, I was fortunate to connect with Michael through a local technology meetup group in Boulder, Colorado. With Michael’s insightful guidance, I was able to fill in those knowledge gaps, and progress through my learning plateau quickly. Additionally, Michael’s expertise in developing data- driven applications was a huge asset, as much of my programming has a scientific or data-driven focus. Michael employs a pair programming style of instruction that results in highly collaborative and productive coding sessions. I strongly recommend Michael as an adroit and talented mentor for experienced and aspiring programmers of any skill level.

— Elena M. Lopez, Ph.D. - Boulder, CO / @axolote

I had a fantastic experience having Michael as my mentor. Michael has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces and did a great job identifying materials that were applicable to my goals and trimming out those that were not. Particularly impressive was his willingness and enthusiasm to create tutorials that were tailored to my interests and skill level. Additionally, he provided prompt and insightful responses to any questions I had between sessions. Mentoring with Michael is highly recommended if you want to accelerate your learning.

— Bill Myers

Version controlled workflow and interacting with the command line were both challenging concepts for me to grasp when I began writing code. Michael provided me with a fundamental understanding of these tools and their purpose and solidified this knowledge with quality examples and exercises. Our mentoring sessions were always productive and inspiring. I highly recommend Michael as a mentor to anyone who is considering learning from him.

— Luke McComb / @lukemccomb

I did on-on-one mentoring with Michael and it made a huge difference in my learning and developing my project. After learning the skills to attempt to create my first project, I soon realized that I could use a little help through some rough patches. And although the web is awash in information, at the early stages of learning, a mentor is a far better answer. He immediately understood the context of what I was trying to do, gave me some choices, and talked me through the whole solution. I’d recommend him to anyone learning to code.

— Kurt Ostergaard / @kurtostergaard