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Update: We’re currently switching payment providers and haven’t yet migrated the promo code system. If you would like to redeem a promo code in the mean time, please send us an email at and include the promo code so we can send you a purchase link.

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Want a code?

Just ask.

Simply tell us who you are, and why you would like a discount.

We give preferential treatment to organizations like PyLadies and GDI as well as user groups (like Meetups) and universities, especially if you’re buying in bulk.

Are you a student? Show us how keen you are on learning Python! Sign up for Github. Write a few scripts. If you want to take it a step further, commit to writing a blog post or two - and we’ll not only provide you with the courses at a discount, we’ll pay you after the posts go live!

That said, we rarely give courses out for free. Studies have shown that the dropout rate for free courses is much, much higher than for paid courses. In fact, some go as far as stating that it’s actually counter-intuitive to give courses away for free.

Besides, we put all we have into these courses and hope that’s reflected in the material. Asking you to pay some nominal fee is only fair.