Aman Middha

About Aman Middha

Aman is an avid Pythonista and writes quizzes for Real Python. He is based in Hong Kong where he works as a DevOps Engineer.

He loves to explore different ideas and technologies after work and during weekends to reach optimal productivity. Aman has been an active Data Science enthusiast for the past few years and has worked on several Deep Learning and Predictive Analysis projects. He has helped startups with their Data Science and Python curriculum, built intuitive PowerBI Dashboards and taught kids and adults of all ages the concepts of Natural Language Processing.

Soon after graduating from Hong Kong in 2018, Aman found a career in Financial Technology, and spent a lot of time improving his people and product management skills. Apart from being busy with these ideas, he loves spending time playing and watching Football. Being an avid Drogba and Chelsea fan, he absolutely loves the sport.

You can find him on LinkedIn or in Vancouver/Hong Kong/Mumbai, to have a chat or explore any ideas/projects to collaborate on.