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I was a physicist for many years — well, I still am a physicist but I no longer work as one. I studied Physics and Maths in my native Malta and then completed a PhD in Optics and Imaging from Imperial College London.

That’s where I learnt coding, out of necessity, first in MATLAB and then Python. In the early days all that mattered was that the code works. Later I learnt to appreciate the beauty of writing neat, elegant code. Still learning…

After well over a decade as a University academic, I decided it’s time to escape before it’s too late. I moved on and set up codetoday in 2016 to teach coding to kids as well as adults who are looking to learn coding.

The more I learn about coding and Python, the more I realise how much I don’t know…

I’ve also authored a Python coding book for beginners: The Python Coding Book (yes, yet another Python coding book!). It’s been gaining a loyal following for its distinct style: relaxed and friendly and making sure the “why” things are the way they are is well understood. Google also places it quite high up when you ask for a “python book”!

You can also find me at The Python Coding Place which is a hub of resources, courses, live sessions, and a forum.

I also write weekly on my own publication, The Python Coding Stack. These articles take a very different approach to writing about Python. You may like them!

I am quite active on Twitter where I post content daily. Feel free to find me on LinkedIn, too

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