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I was a physicist for many years — well, I still am a physicist but I no longer work as one. I studied Physics and Maths in my native Malta and then completed a PhD in Optics and Imaging from Imperial College London.

That’s where I learnt coding, out of necessity, first in MATLAB and then Python. In the early days all that mattered was that the code works. Later I learnt to appreciate the beauty of writing neat, elegant code. Still learning…

After well over a decade as a University academic, I decided it’s time to escape before it’s too late. I moved on and set up codetoday in 2016 to teach coding to kids as well as adults who are looking to learn coding for scientific or other quantitative uses.

The more I learn about coding and Python, the more I realise how much I don’t know…

I’ve also authored a Python coding book for beginners: The Python Coding Book (yes, yet another Python coding book!). It’s been gaining a faithful following for its distinct style: relaxed and friendly and making sure the “why” things are the way they are is well understood.

You can also find me at The Python Coding Place which is a hub of resources.

I am quite active on Twitter where I post content daily. Feel free to find me on LinkedIn, too

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