Building a Site Connectivity Checker

Darren Jones

Building a site connectivity checker in Python is an interesting project to level up your skills. With this project, you’ll integrate knowledge related to handling HTTP requests, creating command-line interfaces (CLI), and organizing your application’s code using common Python project layout practices.

By building this project, you’ll learn how Python’s asynchronous features can help you deal with multiple HTTP requests efficiently.

In this video course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create command-line interfaces (CLI) using Python’s argparse
  • Check if a website is online using Python’s http.client from the standard library
  • Implement synchronous checks for multiple websites
  • Check if a website is online using the aiohttp third-party library
  • Implement asynchronous checks for multiple websites

What’s Included:

Downloadable Resources:

About Darren Jones

With 20 years as a teacher of music technology, Darren is keen to bring his skills to the Python table.

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