Test-Driven Development With pytest

In this hands-on course, you’ll see how to create Python unit tests, execute them, and find the bugs before your users do. You’ll learn about the tools available to write and execute tests, check your application’s performance, and even look for security issues.


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Chyld is an avid Pythonista and writes for Real Python. He teaches data science and full stack software engineering to companies around the world. He loves functional programming, linear algebra, all things linux, machine learning ... and Python!

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Participant Comments

Avatar image for artemudovyk

artemudovyk on April 11, 2022

Yeah, very nice course. Loved instructor’s diction and voice. Thanks! :)

Avatar image for Glenn Lehman

Glenn Lehman on Sept. 29, 2021

Nice introduction to this subject.

Avatar image for Wesley

Wesley on Aug. 7, 2020

This guy is great. A lot of times when watching videos, I have a question in my head that never gets answered. This guy guessed my questions, spoke them out loud and then answered them not once but twice.

Kudos for not leaving out important details.

Would like to see a pytest assertion that the proper error is thrown/raised.

Avatar image for saschakiefer

saschakiefer on April 14, 2020

Great introduction, thanks a lot. For a Python Newbie, that is very helpful.

Avatar image for Gareth

Gareth on Jan. 8, 2020

That was a good tutorial, thank you.

Avatar image for Jacob Andersen

Jacob Andersen on Nov. 14, 2019

The --cov flag didnt work for me until i manually installed cov with pip install pytest-cov. Otherwise, excellent tutorial with nice pace.

Avatar image for Najmeh

Najmeh on Aug. 21, 2019

Thank you very much for giving a clear explanation. Great job!

Avatar image for ashokbayana369

ashokbayana369 on Aug. 14, 2019

Really Great tutorial, I learned the concepts of applying TDD practically :)

Avatar image for senatoduro8

senatoduro8 on July 27, 2019

This is the perfect tutorial. Now I feel comfortable about test driven development. Can you point me. @Chyld, can you point me to a great resource for learning the advance stuffs when it comes to test driven development with pytest?

Avatar image for Corey Hermanson

Corey Hermanson on May 18, 2019

Thank you Chyld! This was a fantastic bite-sized intro to TDD. Excited to implement.

Avatar image for Abdullah

Abdullah on May 10, 2019

Great tutorials. It gives you the big picture of the unit testing concept by pytest in a short time. These tutorials will be the good choice if you don’t have enough time to study the pytest framework because it drives you to the important concepts that you need to start testing your code.

Thank you.

Avatar image for Majid Bilal

Majid Bilal on March 15, 2019

This was useful and perhaps this could be my first step into test driven development.

Avatar image for ypochienTW

ypochienTW on March 13, 2019

Simply and clear. Nice course for pytest newbie.

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