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Finding Things to Learn: Browsing Tutorials by Topic

Another great way to find the learning resources that will help you the most is to browse Real Python’s content library by topic. All of our resources are categorized into one or more topics that you can also browse individually.

00:00 Another good way for finding individual tutorials is by browsing them by topic. Each tutorial on the website—and course—is tagged with a number of topics.

00:10 You can see them listed here, for example on the lambda tutorial.

00:14 We also have an overview for all the topics that are available on the site. Once again, you can click on the Learn Python button and then click on Browse Topics.

00:23 This will show you a high-level overview of all the topics that we have on the website, for example, Python Best Practices. Now, when I click on that particular topic or category, I get an explanation of what this is about.

00:35 And then here below, we’re showing you all the different types of content that we have on the website—like tutorials, video courses, quizzes—that relate to this particular topic.

00:45 So, here there’s a course on How to Write Pythonic Loops. We have a tutorial on inheritance versus composition, how to use lambda functions, and a bunch of other courses and more content that you can drill into. So, this is a really great way to learn if you want to dive deeply into a particular topic. For example, if you wanted to do a deep-dive on the Django framework, you can find all of our Django articles, tutorials, courses—here, under one roof.

01:13 This tutorials overview is accessible to you any time through the Browse Topics menu, and then also, you can just click on any one particular tag or topic here, and then always just select the Topics list at the top here and we’ll take you back to the topics overview.

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